Just like humans, dogs have health problems too. Some dogs get cancer as they age and others get heart disease, but one of the most common health conditions is arthritis.

Sadly, researchers have concluded that around 20% of dogs over the age of 1 have arthritis somewhere on their bodies. Because our dogs love to be active and chase everything in sight, it can take a toll on their bodies, especially as they get older.

It’s not fun to see our dogs in pain, so many people look to CBD as a rejuvenator for their dog’s joints. What is most intriguing about CBD is the fact that it is all-natural coming from one plant.

Of course, you will have to add carrier oils to the CBD product, but that is a necessary part of the equation. If you are unsure why carrier oils are important our blog should help you understand.

But like every good thing, too much can be damaging. That is why it is so important to get the right dosage for your dog. 

 CBDs Effectiveness Against Arthritis

A study was done in 2020 on the effectiveness of CBD in canines with arthritis.

They had three controlled groups of dogs using three different methods of recovery. The first group was using a placebo, the second group was using a low dosage of CBD, and the third group was using a high dose of CBD.

After a month-long of the dogs using CBD and placebo, they had an idea of what is effective and what is not effective.

The first group taking a placebo along with the second group taking a low dosage of CBD seemed to not have any improvements with pain and mobility after a month.

The third group with the higher dosage however seemed much better off as they were beginning to play and run again.

Two weeks after the experiment, the owners reported the dogs to still be as energetic as while they were taking CBD which leads Dr. Halpert, the lead researcher of this experiment, to assume that the CBD had solved the issue, instead of just numbing the pain, by reducing the inflammation in the joints. 

More Research

A veterinarian in California by the name of Gary Ritcher noted how many dogs he has seen on CBD as a result of arthritis.

He also mentioned how little disappointment users had and how much success was coming out of this seemingly simple solution.

There is one known side effect that is worth mentioning when giving your dog CBD. If you give them too much there will be an increase in alkaline phosphatase, an enzyme that breaks down proteins which can cause damage to the dog’s liver.

Although there have been very few reports of dogs experiencing this, it is definitely something you should look out for. Getting the right dosage is critical to see success in your dog’s health and to not allow them to overdose.

On the other hand, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), when given to dogs can have serious if not fatal side effects.

The properties in these drugs are not natural and are man-made attempting to fix the underlying problem of inflammation. The main safety concern is kidney damage. Using NSAIDS is not worth risking your dog’s health over. 

How CBD Works

Every warm-blooded mammal has something called an endocannabinoid system. This uses endocannabinoids made in our body to support basic functions such as your mood, sleep, appetite, reproduction, and memory.

Although dogs make their own cannabinoids, more is required to help decrease inflammation which is known to damage nerve ending in the joint causing pain.

Giving your dog a wide variety of cannabinoids like is essential for the healing process if you’re going in that direction.

 How much CBD to Give to my Dog?

Giving the right amount of CBD to your dog is going to determine the success of your dog’s journey and knowing what works and what doesn’t is crucial.

Low doses: these seem to work a little bit and truly a low dose is just that, the amount of CBD that just seems to work a little bit.

A low dose for an adult German Shepard (6-7mg)  is going to differ from a low dose of an adult pug (.5-1mg). Just keep that in mind.

There is also the concentration of the tincture to think about when giving your dog CBD and this part might get a little tricky which is why we created a trustworthy CBD dosage for dogs calculator trusted by thousands of dog owners. 

We believe a low to medium dose is effective in treating your dog’s arthritis effectively.

 How do I Give My Dog CBD? 

Once you know the amount of CBD you should be giving your dog you might be wondering how on earth you are going to get your dog to eat plant oil.

Yes, although it may seem weird, it is possible to give CBD to your dog and it is quite simple if you approach it the right way.

One way to do it is to drop it in your dog’s mouth under their tongue if they allow you to.

Since this may be tricky, there are other ways to get around this method. Try putting a few drops on a treat that they know is going to taste good or even just put it in their food bowl.

This is one of the most effective ways to give your dog CBD. 

 What to Look for in a CBD Brand


CBD isn’t exactly the cheapest thing to come by, and finding a quality but affordable product can be hard sometimes.

In general, depending on your dog, 90 to 300 mg of CBD is acceptable per month for your dog which means 1200 mg of CBD oil should last you around 4 to 6 months depending on how large your dog is. 


With every CBD product that you buy, you want to make sure that you know exactly what is in it.

Although labels are fairly reliable, one thing that you can check is the lab tests. Lab tests in CBD products are especially important because they measure the purity, consistency, and THC levels.

Without a Lab test, companies are just throwing CBD around hoping people or dogs don’t get hurt from it. A third-party test allows you to look at the statistics of your CBD and ensures a safe experience.


With any product, you can have all the ingredients match what’s on the label, but that doesn’t mean that it is a quality product.

It’s very important to look for a product with quality ingredients. And in all reality, the only two ingredients you need to look for are a quality carrier oil as well as the CBD.

A carrier oil is important because CBD on its own is not as effective as CBD combined with a carrier oil.

This is the case because CBD in and of itself is not very bioavailable whereas a carrier oil like MCT from fruits and vegetables is very bioavailable allowing the CBD to catch on to them as they are absorbed.

Talk to Your Vet

Before giving your Dog CBD it’s best to talk to your local veterinarian first. They will know whether it is safe for your dog to take CBD or not.

Many drugs can be altered by CBD which can lead to serious issues in the liver. So if your dog is already taking a drug for something it’s even more important that you consult a professional before giving your dog CBD.

Hōlus CBD for your Dog

CBD for Dogs FAQ

When should I give my dog CBD?

There is no specific time to give your dog CBD, as it all just depends on the situation, just ask our holus office dog, Augie!

If I won’t settle down after my humans have taken me for a walk, or worn me out at the dog park, they give me some CBD to help calm me down.

I also have separation anxiety, so CBD helps make me not miss my humans too much.

If I can’t get comfy at night and my humans get upset because I keep waking them up, they put a few drops in my food bowl with a little midnight snack to get me ready for sleep.

What are the benefits of giving CBD to my dog?

The benefits are endless, just ask our holus office dog, Augie!

  1. If I won’t settle down after my humans have taken me for a walk, or worn me out at the dog park, they give me some CBD to help calm me down.
  2. I also have separation anxiety, so CBD helps make me not miss my humans too much.
  3. If I can’t get comfy at night and my humans get upset because I keep waking them up, they put a few drops in my food bowl with a little midnight snack to get me ready for sleep.

What’s the right dose of CBD for my dog?

The amount of CBD that your dog needs really depends on one main factor, weight.

Our office dog, Augie’s, humans give him more or less of his recommended dose depending on his level of energy or anxiety.

Looking for the exact dosage for your dog, check out our CBD Pet Dosage Calculator!

Is CBD safe for dogs?

Yes! CBD is safe for our four-legged friends 🐶