It seems harmless to just buy some CBD in a gas station at an incredibly affordable price until you pay for the product, try it, then realize how they just stole your money. Yes, it seems crazy, but that happens to so many people who buy CBD from gas stations every day. Unfortunately, hemp products are not the most regulated products on earth, and many businesses will take advantage of that.

If you are buying gas station CBD, you will most likely have a product with chemicals as a result of the super cheap extraction process or a lack of the very thing you purchased the product for, CBD.

What Makes a Quality CBD Product?

Many factors create the ultimate CBD experience and the most obvious one would be the amount of CBD in the product. If the product says there are 500 milligrams of CBD in the tincture then there better be 500 milligrams of CBD in the tincture.

Another factor that plays in the downfall of a CBD product would be the type of CBD it is. Here’s what I mean by that. Chances are, when you buy a CBD product in the gas station, it is going to be a CBD isolate which is easier to make and isn’t bad in principle, but the CBD you really want to put your money into should be full-spectrum CBD which has all the minor cannabinoids that will prove most effective.

If you don’t know what full spectrum means it is simply the integration of all of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and natural components of the plant that work together to make the entourage effect vs just isolating one cannabinoid like CBD to do all of the work.

How to know if a Product From the Gas Station is Faulty

There is a way to figure out if the product you want to buy is legit. First look at the labeling. Does it look well put together? Does it go into full detail about what is in the product? If it doesn’t, chances are it’s a faulty product.

That’s not the only way though. Look at the packaging, find the logo, search the logo up, and then look for a COA confirming what is inside of the product you have.

If you go through all the work to search for the COA on the website but you don’t find it, you probably have a faulty product because every reliable CBD product will have the COA somewhere on the website. 

Why do Gas Stations Sell Bad CBD Products?

The only reason gas stations sell these types of CBD products is because of the money. If a gas station can buy CBD from the supplier for cheap and sell it for a little more, that’s much more effective than buying quality CBD which is relatively expensive.

The suppliers can offer such a cheap product to the gas station because they have products with less CBD (if any) than advertised on the label. 

The Statistics

A potency test of CBD found in gas stations, CBD stores, and grocery stores was done recently and what they discovered was astonishing, but not at all surprising.

From many different locations, they bought CBD products. The first one we will mention is the CBD drink. Nearly every single one had zero CBD, and the one that did have CBD had 40% less than advertised. The edibles were not that much better with just 1 out of 4 containing the right amount of CBD as advertised.

Just because a product is expensive doesn’t mean that it’s quality. Only 1 out of the 5 CBD products purchased for $20 and over had less CBD than the amount advertised.

Where Should I Buy Quality CBD Products?

Well if you shouldn’t buy CBD products from the gas station, where should you buy them from? The answer is not as simple as “online”. Although buying CBD products online is a safer route than buying CBD products in gas stations, it is still not very secure.

Just like gas stations, online companies can scam you into buying a product with no CBD in it. But before you give up on the idea of buying CBD because you can’t trust anyone, I’m here to tell you that you can. A great way to evaluate whether a company is legit is to look for some form of a lab report. This lab report will be able to certify whether the products we are interested in have what the label says it has. 

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Put Your Money Into Something Legit

We all know how easy and convenient it is to buy gas station CBD, but you will always lose your money in the end. Even if it is five dollars, chances are you are not getting your money’s worth.

Here is why it is unwise to buy gas station CBD:

  • Low quality. The products found inside of gas stations will most likely have chemicals from the poor processing methods and will not have the amount of CBD as labeled on the product.
  • Misleading Labels. Companies will hide the fact that there is no CBD in their products simply by saying there is CBD on their labels.
  • Unknown Processing Method. Substandard companies have a cheap way of doing things. This may leave room for error and inconsistency. It’s best to stick with a transparent company that lets you know how the product is processed and what’s inside it. 
  • Unspecific. You really don’t know what you are getting into when you buy CBD from gas stations. You might want the full spectrum but they might be selling CBD isolate and there is no clear way of knowing which is which unless labeled properly. 
  • No Lab Tests. A clear way of knowing whether you are buying a faulty product or not is lab tests. More often than not, a CBD company that relies on gas stations to sell their products do not use lab tests to ensure their products are safe.

If you are looking to buy CBD you should look into a reliable company with lab reports and a transparent process.

To Sum It Up

Poor quality CBD from gas stations is pretty common now, but as the quality companies put the cheapskate companies in the dirt over time, things will become more reliable. But until that day comes, stay away from the gas station CBD for your own good.