The Canada CBD Dilemma – Is CBD Oil Legal In Canada?

Jun 17, 2021

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Buying CBD hasn’t exactly been a walk in the park. It was legal, then illegal, and legal again! At least here in the United States… but what about Canada? 

O’Canada, how do you feel about hemp? Let’s discuss the dilemma. 

The Current Status of CBD in Canada

CBD is legal in Canada and is accessible to anyone 18 years of age and over. Canada had one of the most strict and expensive hemp production regulation systems in the world. For hemp to be legally grown, extracted, sold, and purchased, one must obtain an industrial hemp processing license under the country of Canada. Hemp is still considered a controlled substance and must meet strict guidelines for sale under the Cannabis Act, which opened hemp to the public.

Among several other things, this act:

  • Provides for the legal production of CBD products
  • Establishes quality requirements and strict product safety guidelines
  • Enhances public awareness of various health risks
  • Endeavors to protect youth and under-age consumers

Much like the American Food and Drug Administration, Health Canada regulates the production of hemp-related products. Heavy measures can be taken in violation of this Act, but most of the time, Health Canada will allow time for compliance, such as in the case of Walmart Canada.

In December 2020, Mugglehead Magazine wrote about the lack of enforcement and the rage legitimate hemp licensed operators had when Walmart was found to be selling CBD products on their site. While Walmart Canada was exploring the option of selling hemp-related goods in-store back in 2018, they remain without proper licensure, breaking several Canadian laws. These products have since been removed, but another slip-up could land Walmart in serious penalties including a 1 million dollar fine. 

CBD and THC Products are Treated the Same

Canada does not see a difference between CBD and THC and regulates the products as if they were the same thing. At the same age, you can buy CBD, you can also buy THC and vice-versa. 

United Nations drug control conventions are in control of CBD and the regulations that come with it. 

The Cannabis act makes every product created from the cannabis family illegal until authorized as not illegal.

Before the Cannabis Act in 2018 was enacted, Cannabis products were very strict and the only way for anyone to get a cannabis product was for medical purposes or scientific research. Now with the Act in place, all products produced from the cannabis plant may be sold to anyone who is 18 and older. 

Can I Buy CBD Oil Online Outside of Canada?

It is possible to order CBD products outside of Canada, but it sure is hard to find a brand that ships to Canada. Non-Canadian retailers must comply with Canadian regulations and be registered with the Canadian government. This is a huge barrier most CBD companies aren’t willing to climb over. 

Can US Ship CBD To Canada?

CBD is legal in Canada. Where it stops is the Canadian border. Generally, CBD cannot be shipped from the US to Canada. I say generally because there is little enthusiasm for shipping CBD products over to Canada due to the expensive importation licenses and product registration under Canadian CBD regulation. 

Hardly any CBD companies ship to Canada because of these heavy regulations. Endoca is one of the few CBD companies to ship worldwide. Canadian shipments can take up to six weeks, however. If a CBD company does ship to Canada without licensure or other approval, it is likely the shipment will be seized by Canadian customs. 

Where Can I Buy CBD In Canada? 

Your best chance to buy CBD in Canada is… well, in Canada! Many Canadians look outside of the country because prices are less expensive. If you do this, your money will go to waste. CBD products imported will be held or returned. 

Best Place To Buy CBD In Canada

CBD Oil Canada is one of Canada’s largest and most popular sources of CBD oil products from a variety of brands. And buying CBD here will, in the end, save you much money and much heartache.

Can I Travel From the US To Canada With CBD Oil?

It is best to leave the oil behind when traveling over to The Great White North. While it is legal here in the United States, it is not fully legal in Canada. You may not cross the US-Canada border with American-bought CBD oil. Possessing CBD from a non-Canadian licensed brand on Canadian soil is in direct violation of Canadian law. 

Is Delta-8-THC Legal In Canada?

Delta 8 is just one short step of being illegal in the United States. Is delta 8 THC legal in Canada like the United States? Yes. Delta 8 products are legal in Canada but you must be 18 to purchase them.

Like most other countries, Canada’s standard THC level is 0.3% THC. Europe joined the U.S. and Canada’s industrial hemp standards just last year in late October. It was previously 0.2% THC and some countries like Romania still hold onto this standard. 

What is the Cannabis Act?

The Cannabis Act was put in place in 2018 to keep cannabis out of the hands of young people, to prevent the profit of criminals, and to protect the safety of the public. Citizens as of October 2018 can:

  • Possess 30g of hemp in public if aged 18 and older
  • Share 30g of hemp with other adults dried or fresh
  • Buy hemp products from their licensed retailer
  • Grow up to four plants per household for personal use
  • Use hemp as an ingredient in their food or drinks just as long as organic solvents are not used to create a concentrated product

Possession Limits of Hemp 

  • 5g grams of the fresh hemp
  • 15 grams of edible product
  • 70 grams of liquid product
  • .25 grams of concentrates
  • 1 hemp plant seed

Final Thoughts on Hemp in Canada

Although transporting products to Canada derived from hemp may not be easy, the laws concerning it are pretty loose. By loose, I mean about as accessible as alcohol which is considered fairly accessible. 

Canada looks at hemp a lot like alcohol products, you may access it if you are of age. In Canada’s case, you must be 18 years of age.

Chances are you will not find CBD products, or any products derived from hemp, unless it is grown, harvested, and produced in the country’s soil. Not sure why Canada is so strict with hemp-related products coming into the country but because of it, you will not easily find an American-made product located in the country. 

If you live in Canada and you are looking for CBD products you might want to go to CBD Oil Canada or Island Therapeutics for your CBD goods because if you attempt to order here in the USA, you may not receive your shipment. 

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