Supercritical CO2 Extraction is Clean & Green

Apr 8, 2022

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Supercritical CO2 Extraction is Clean & Green

holus CBD products are manufactured with Clean & Green CO2 extraction.

We choose products with CO2 extracted CBD because this process it is the lowest cost and the cleanest extraction technology available.

When you review the available methods and processes used to extract CBD, it can be very overwhelming – not to mention, very scientific and technical. Hydrocarbon, ethanol, and supercritical CO2 extraction are some of the most referred to processes.

Supercritical = super high temperatures

CO2 = Carbon Dioxide, what humans breathe out, plants give off, and what carbonates drinks

Extraction = the process of separating – extracting – the CBD from the hemp plant.

So, super simply put: our products are manufactured by using high temperature bubbles to separate the hemp plant into the best parts for your body.

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Each plant in a mixture being extracted has a unique solubility profile, which relates to the supercritical CO2 density. This unique profile requires the ability to fine-tune the density to control the supercritical fluid power.

This is what June-Wells says about supercritical CO2: “the density of a liquid, diffusivity of a gas and a low viscosity (thickness)…this means that [it] has: a high solute carrying capacity (i.e., it can hold a lot of material), the ability to penetrate into the smallest spaces (like a gas) and very little flow resistance” (June-Wells 2018).

According to Chemical Engineering, the “solvation strength can be fine-tuned by adjusting the density of the fluid” (Chemical Engineering 2010). In other words, supercritical fluid power is controlled by its density.

We asked Nemadji to explain this a little further so we could understand it and pass the info along to those using hōlus CBD products.

We extract at 5,000 PSI to pull 99% of cannabinoid content from raw biomass. We do this consistently by using extraktLAB’s patented supercritical CO2 extractors.

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The food, drink, and perfume industries have made supercritical CO2 extraction the standard process. For this reason, holus believes it is best to offer our consumers products utilizing the extraction method deemed safest for food and drink.

Check out this list of commercial processes utilizing supercritical CO2 extraction:

  • Coffee decaffeination
  • Tea decaffeination
  • Removal of fatty acids from spent barley
  • Vitamin E and ginger oils
  • Nicotine extraction
  • Natural insecticides/pesticides
  • Hops extraction
  • Spices/flavors/aromas/natural products/colors

Dr. June-Wells says the most important CO2 system considerations are: “maximum pressure rating, the ability to measure the temperature of the CO2, and high wattage heaters” (June-Wells 2018). To employ these considerations in controlled processes takes experience and the right technology, Nemadji does this for our products based on its experience and equipment used to extract the CBD ingredients in our products. Nemadji tests its extracts frequently throughout the process, ensuring compliant levels of THC in its products (0.3% for full spectrum and below 0.01% for 0%THC). Which gives us the confidence and ability to provide you full spectrum and 0%THC products at low costs – without residuals of chemicals used to remove excess THC.

Solvents used may be “organic” in nature, but not optimal for your use or internal health. Solvents can result in “handling and disposal issues” and can “pose a number of environmental concerns, such as atmospheric and land toxicity” (Chemical Engineering 2010).

This is what Nemadji had to say: Here at Nemadji, we primarily chose supercritical CO2 because of its efficiency. But we also use CO2 extraction technology because it’s clean. It leaves a “lower amount of residue in products compared to conventional solvents.” It is as green as our source of CO2 is.

This is what Chemical Engineering says about using supercritical CO2 for extraction: “Withdrawn from the environment, used in a process, and then returned to the environment, it does not contribute to the greenhouse effect”  (Chemical Engineering 2010).

Because our products are meant to enhance your health and wellness, it is important we use products manufactured with a Clean & Green extraction process.


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