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hōlus THC-ND CBD Starter Kit

This hōlus customer favorite is totally beginner-friendly. In this kit you will find our best-selling Topical Muscle Gel Roll-On, our premium 1000mg THC-ND CBD Oil Tincture, and 1 pouch of our epic CBD Oil Gummies. The best part? You choose your flavor of Tincture and Gummies! Plus, we will throw in our hōlus Canvas Branded Bag as an added bonus… because who doesn’t love free stuff?!


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About Your CBD Starter Kit

If you are a total beginner, we have just the kit for you!

What’s In My CBD Starter Kit?

We picked your CBD starter kit products with you in mind. Beginners are not always comfortable with the idea of THC even if its less than one percent. That is why we chose a “THC-free” tincture. We also wanted you to try our awesome flavorful CBD gummies, which we include for you to choose from. Lastly, we chose to include our most popular product, which happens to be a topical, our CBD roll on.

CBD Oil Tincture

Hōlus formulates the perfect blend of THC-ND CBD oil tinctures. What does THC-ND mean? This is CBD company slang for “THC-free”. Our ND-THC CBD tincture 1000mg has 0.0% THC or a non-detectable amount of THC for a comfortable and sound mind experience. Enjoy the hemp plant’s all natural state in just 1000mg all in your flavor of choice in fresh mint, happy key lime, or classic strawberry.

CBD Roll On

Our CBD roll on is our top seller. It contains healthy MCT oil or coconut oil, relieving menthol, camphor, a few other healing ingredients, all infused with 400mg pure CBD. It is travel worthy and muscle, joint, and stress relieving. Our Muscle Relief CBD Roll-on has never failed to bring new and old users a comfortable experience. 

CBD Oil Gummies

Our CBD oil gummies collection is the newest edition to hōlus. Our flavors are so exclusive and our safety and quality assurance is unmatched. These gummies have that non-detectable THC amount for a sound beginner experience. With eight flavors to choose from, get a taste of CBD at a familiar and fun level.

How To Use Your CBD Starter Kit

Included in your CBD starter kit are three types of CBD, each with a distinct beneficial feature.

For your choice flavor CBD oil, lightly shake the bottle. Gently squeeze the rubber end of the dropper, select your preferred dosage amount or select a full dropper, and release the hōlus pure premium hemp flower oil under the tongue. Hold for 30-90 seconds, then swallow. Take one to three times daily.

For your CBD gummies, 1-2 gummies per day is the recommended serving. If you want to be a bit more precise, check out our handy CBD gummies dosage calculator!

For your muscle relief CBD roll-on, apply directly to your skin using light circular motions. Roll on over areas of discomfort in muscles or joints to alleviate tenderness, soreness, or stiffness. Application may be repeated up to 4 times daily.

Benefits of A CBD Starter Kit

What special features and benefits do I get in my CBD starter kit when I buy from hōlus? 

Premium CBD Products

Our CBD products are scientifically sound, naturally and consistently pure, and rich in the highest quality CBD. Our process is clean, green, and environmental friendly. These products are non-detect THC, non-GMO, pesticide free, CO2 clean and green, vegan friendly, never tested on animals, paraben free, and made in the USA. We don’t just give you the sample, you get the full sized product deal! 

One Purchase

Patience is always a downside to multiple purchases. Save time with just one purchase. Get three products in one convenient shipment. 

Great Value

Don’t guess on which CBD product is right for you and spend more money than you need to. CBD products can add up easily, especially if your looking for wholesome gift ideas. By the time you get to your cart, you just give up. Stop the tedious search and get great value pricing with a hōlus CBD starter kit. Save on all three hōlus products in one purchase.

Plant Based Relief

Treat yourself with pure plant based, therapeutic relief and relaxation or give the gift of pure botanical power. Our kits are perfect holiday, birthday, and anniversary gifts. Give the gift of holistic plant based relief.

Hōlus Bonus Bag

All hōlus CBD kits include an exclusive kit only bag that fits perfectly in any purse, backpack, briefcase, or use it as a simple travel carry on item. 

Self Care

Sometimes you just need to treat yourself. When life get’s stressful, we resort to the expensive dark Ghirardelli chocolate and therapy plants. Try a different kind of self care with plant based CBD products. Enrich your lifestyle and calm your nerves with a CBD wellness kit. 

Why The hōlus CBD Starter Kit Is The Best

Your CBD products are in the best hands. Hōlus has the cleanest, safest, and most environmental friendly product creation process and skilled Ph.D. level lab technicians. We support American hemp farmers across the country, test all our products for heavy metals, chemicals, and pesticides throughout the process, bringing you only the best quality.

Made In The USA

Hōlus products are proudly sourced from organic Wisconsin and American grown hemp. We practice farm direct sustainability and economic participation. Our farming system dramatically limits the number of hands your product passes through and decreases the reliance on chemical preservatives.

Clean And Greenly Processed

Our hōlus CBD starter kit is scientifically sound in quality and consistency. We use advanced, cutting edge CO2 extraction technology for the safest consumption of CBD oil. We craft in house scientifically sound CBD topicals, gummies, and supplements, void of any impurities and contamination. This process is highly consistent for quality assurance, safety, and flavor.

Third Party Tested

As a company built on science, we are committed to thorough and professional third party testing. Our distillate oil is rigorously and independently tested for quality assurance and potency testing. Each batch of oil is tested to ensure there are no chemicals present, as well as cannabinoid percentage and THC level (under 0.03% for full spectrum oil). We strive for the best results, for our customer’s pure well being.

Quality You Can Trust

Pure premium CBD products is at the center of what hōlus is. Developed by a ten year industry leader in cannabis extraction equipment and separation chemistry, we stand tall above the rest in ingredient and extraction quality.


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
MELANIE P. (Massachusetts)
Will order again.

Super fast shipping, quality products. The topical relief muscle gel is hands down my favorite of their products. Has saved me many times until I could get to the chiropractor.

Dorothy D. (Connecticut)

The starter kit was great, but I had so many questions that finally got answered.I don;t know if it is working or not. Sometimes I think it is -sometimes I am still in pain. But I am still using it and keeping my fingers crossed.

Colleen N. (Wisconsin)
Just started, so far so good!

I am in the process of journaling, so far I am liking what I feel. Can't wait for time to realize the full benefits and potential. Am starting out with small doses and will see if more is needed. You could say I am in the experimental mode.
Love both the cream and the roll on, they do help with the aches and pains. I am still trying to figure out the correct dosing for the tincture and the gummies. Having good luck with the sleep aid gummies. I have yet to use the "espresso focus & attention hemp shot", looking forward to see how that works. Products are expensive, but try buying when the discounts are offered. My over all rating is so far so good!

Leonard S. (Florida)
Introductory CBD Kit

This kit includes a bottle of CBD Oil, a CBD Roll-on and a CBD cream. The oil and the roll-on work great. i just started using the cream so I really can't give my opinion but based on the other items I feel cream will work fine too.

Linda B. (Minnesota)

I love these products, can't always afford them, but will order when possible, really like the hemp flower oil supplement, want to try skin care products also. Best thing since peanut butter and jelly. Thank you glad I signed up

Jermika J. (Ohio)

hōlus CBD introductory kit

Oops...looks like we are Sold Out! Drop your email below to be notified when it's back in stock!