Espresso CBD Shot

Unwind and get focused! Our focus CBD shots are made with students and those with busy lives in mind. CBD + espresso makes for the perfect and familiar blend for long days to fly by. Infused with water-soluble CBD, caffeine, and L- theanine for reduced stress and anxiousness.


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Flavor: Espresso

Size: 1.93 fl  oz | 57mL

Strength: 20mg CBD

CBD Type: Water Soluble CBD

Quality: THC-ND

Usage: For consumption only

Ingredient Highlights: Coconut MCT + Water Soluble CBD + L-theanine

Storage: Keep cool

Lab Reports

*Allergy warning: contains coconut


Purified water, cane sugar, citric acid, sodium benzoate, espresso flavoring, quillaja saponin.


  • Focus retention
  • Increase energy levels
  • Decrease anxiousness
  • Conveniently fast
each gummy contains_ (2)
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branded icons_quality-tested_3rd party
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Our Carefully Selected Ingredients


Cannabinoid that promotes

energy and calm


An amino acid found in black tea that reduces stress and axiousness


Medium chain triglyceride from coconut that helps the body absorption CBD while increasing energy.

Our full list

of ingredients:

Proprietary focus blend: Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT), Water Soluble CBD, Caffeine, L-theanine


CBD Shot Advantage

  • Focus retention
  • Increase energy levels
  • Decrease anxiousness
  • Conveniently fast


Benefits of CBD Shots

Here at hōlus, it has been our quest to deliver all of the age-long traditional benefits of CBD. Make our espresso cbd shot apart of your work routine! less stress more relief. Made in the cheesy state of Wisconsin, from U.S. sourced ingredients. Our cbd shots are made in a GMP & ISO certified facility.

What We Do


The Science Behind CBD Shots


Our hōlus topicals are made in the USA with U.S. sourced hemp and other natural earth derived ingredients. Our process is done in our ISO and GMP (Good Manufacturing Purposes) certified facility in Wisconsin. Our products are crafted with non-GMO ingredients. We only include the good stuff in our roll on! No drama here! We formulated our CBD roll on with your pure health and well being in mind through our scientific expertise.


We ensure each CBD roll on contains only what it says it does. We are committed to thorough and professional third party testing. Each batch is consistently tested multiple times and lab reports are free for you to view. We are a company built on environmental friendliness, science base research, and purity. Our products are  free from any unwanted chemicals, pesticides, and heavy metals. 

clean & green

We take an environmental friendly approach to our products. Our products are purely CO2 processed, the most scientifically sound and eco friendly process. We believe the science behind the scenes says a lot about a product and company. Our CBD roll ons are sustainably and eco friendly made.

Why Take CBD Shots?

cbd shot espresso


Stress can drain the best of us. It takes so much of our energy. Control both stress & energy with CBD. Our CBD shots are have MCT’s for that boost of energy you need to get through assignments & tasks.  



Distractions surround us. Drink water, get sleep, eat healthy, and take CBD. Our CBD shots included L-theanine, a natural black tea ingredient for alertness. 



Our espresso CBD shots have just as much caffeine as a whole cup of coffee. Caffeine helps increase alertness. The average cup of coffee has 100mg caffeine. Caffeine can stay in your system for up to four hours.


Who takes CBD shots, and why should I?

CBD drinks are pre-dosed, making them appealing for those who don’t have time to deal with dosing. Not one product fits all. A gummy in the morning may be the most unappealing idea, smoking may be completely out the picture, or… maybe you don’t like tinctures. We get it! That is why we have formulated our shots with your preferences and busy bodies in mind.

Are CBD drinks legal on college campuses?

Check with your current college board members and review campus rules and standards. Some campuses don’t mind CBD, others may not allow.

How long does one shot CBD drinks last?

Caffeine at 100mg can last up to four hours. Our CBD drinks have the equivalent caffeine level of a cup of coffee.

Can I take my CBD drink with food?

Yes! Sip here, sip there, eat a snack or two. You can drink as fast or as slowly as you’d like, with or without food.

What is a CBD drink?

A pre-dosed CBD infused beverage. They can come in a great many forms, including shots and sparkling waters.

Which CBD drink flavor should I try first?

That depends, do you love coffee?? The choice is yours! We have two delicious flavors in espresso and morning berry.

Will my CBD drink(s) ship fast?

We are dedicated to a fast delivery experience for all our customers.

I’ve never tried a CBD drink before, what can I anticipate?

Anticipate great taste. Expect all the benefits you experience with other ingestible CBD products at 20mg per serving.

What’s in my CBD drink?

An experience worth sharing. A blend of pure focus with 20mg of first-class CBD, pure caffeine, and L-theanine-an amino acid naturally derived from black tea that reduces stress and anxiousness.

The Beginners Guide To CBD


The Beginners Guide To CBD


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