CBD Mini Starter Kit

CBD Mini Starter Kit


We’ve combined two of our most popular products together in a hōlus branded bag for a great deal making it easier than ever to get started with hōlus pure premium CBD. These two products have a soothing sensation you’ll love. This starter kit includes one moisturizing lip balm containing 15 mg of CBD and topical muscle gel roll-on with 400 mg of CBD and comes in a hōlus branded bag.

  • THC-ND (THC non-detectable) product

*Note: Product images are renderings and may differ from actual products.

We've combined two of our most beginner friendly products together in a mini CBD kit along with a hōlus exclusive branded bag. Sometimes it’s the little things that make the most impact, which is why we introduce you to our new mini CBD kit. Our beginner friendly CBD kit introduces you to the holistic CBD experience in a mini way. These two products have a soothing sensation you'll love.

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Vanilla, Mint, Coconut

What's In My Mini CBD Kit

Two hōlus pure premium CBD products are included in your package to meet your needs. Find your right vibe. Your mini kit will include…

CBD Roll On

Rated most popular product by customers like you, the hōlus™ pure premium Muscle Relief CBD Roll-on helps relieve discomfort caused by minor muscle aches and soreness, right at the source. Infused with CBD and other soothing relief ingredients all in one roll on for ultimate convenience and commuting ease.

CBD Lip Balm

Infused with 15mg CBD and other moisturizing ingredients, our moisturizing CBD lip balm promotes healthy, young looking lips that will leave you feeling fresh. Replenish your lips with CBD based lip balm for soft and moist lips. With your choice of flavor, our CBD lipbalm flavors include fresh mint, tropical coconut, and classic vanilla. This holistic CBD lip balm is designed to replenish dry lips, alleviate breakage, and protect against sunburn with SPF30.

  • CBD Kit FAQS

    How large is the hōlus branded kit only bag?

    Our hōlus pure premium CBD kit only bag is measured at 9x6 inches. 

    What is the best CBD kit for beginners?

    The hōlus CBD starter kit is the best beginner friendly CBD kit! We have several kits depending on your purpose and price range, but our CBD starter kit is absolutely awesome!

    What CBD kit is best for athletes?

    The hōlus CBD for athletes kit is the ultimate relief and recovery CBD kit for all athletes. 

    Does my kit come with instructions?

    Your kit does not include specific instructions as everyone has their own set of unique needs, but we do have suggested how to use for each individual product included in you're kit. If you're wondering about tincture doses, check out our sweet CBD dosage calculator. If you're wondering what uses their are, we have extensive guides on our blog!

    What is the best CBD kit for gifting?

    Our one of everything kit has... well... everything! At a great affordable price, save big on birthdays, anniversaries, or the holiday season with this quality kit. 

About Your Mini CBD Kit

Go big or go home is a popular saying, but we are all unique individuals with personal preferences, which is why we understand the need for a mini CBD kit. For the curious CBD browsers, we have created a mini CBD kit to get you started. 

Made In The USA

Hōlus products are proudly sourced from organic Wisconsin and American grown hemp. We practice farm direct sustainability. This dramatically limits the number of hands your product passes through and decreases the the reliance on chemical preservatives.

Clean And Greenly Processed

Our hōlusTM CBD starter kits are scientifically sound in quality and consistency. We use advanced, cutting edge CO2 extraction technology for the safest consumption of CBD oil. We make scientifically sound CBD topicals, void of any impurities and contamination. This process is highly consistent for quality assurance, safety, and flavor.

Third Party Tested 

As a company built on science, we are committed to thorough and professional third party testing. Our distillate oil is rigorously and independently tested for quality assurance and potency testing. Each batch of distillate is tested to ensure there are no chemicals present, as well as cannabinoid percentage and THC level (under 0.03% for full spectrum oil). We strive for the best results, for your customer’s pure well being.

Quality You Can Trust

Pure premium CBD products is at the center of what hōlus is. Developed by a ten year industry leader in cannabis extraction equipment and separation chemistry, we stand tall above the rest in ingredient and extraction quality.

How To Use Your CBD Starter Kit

Included in your CBD starter kit are two types of CBD, each with a distinct beneficial feature. 

Apply CBD lip balm throughout the day directly to dry lips using light circular motions to soothe, moisturize, protect, and provide extra nourishment. Message over cracked areas as needed for best results. 

For your muscle relief CBD roll-on, apply directly to your skin using light circular motions. Roll on over affected areas to alleviate discomfort, muscle and joint stiffness, and soreness. Applications may be repeated up to 4 times daily.

Benefits of A CBD Starter Kit

What special features and benefits do I get in my CBD starter kit when I buy from hōlus? 

Premium CBD Products

Our CBD products are scientifically sound, naturally and consistently pure, and rich in the highest quality of cannabinoids. Our process is clean, green, and environmental friendly. These products are non-detect THC, non-GMO, pesticide free, CO2 clean and green, vegan friendly, never tested on animals, paraben free, and made in USA. Our kits include full sized products for the complete experience.

One Purchase

Everyone from children to adults enjoy getting packages in the mail; however, patience is always a downside to multiple purchases. Save time with just one purchase. 

Great Value

CBD products can add up easily, especially if your looking for wholesome gift ideas. By the time you get to your cart, you just give up. Stop the tedious search and get exclusive half pricing with a hōlus CBD starter kit. Save on all three hōlus products in one purchase.

Give The Gift of Plant Based Relief

Do you know someone who could benefit from CBD? Our kits are perfect holiday, birthday, and anniversary gifts. Give the gift of holistic plant based CBD. 

Hōlus Bonus Bag

All hōlus CBD kits include an exclusive kit only bag that fits perfectly in any purse, backpack, briefcase, or use it as a simple travel carry on item. 

Self Care

Sometimes you just need to treat yourself. When life get’s stressful, we resort to the expensive dark Ghirardelli chocolate and therapy plants. Try a different kind of self care with plant based CBD products. Get your own personal hōlus CBD chapstick and therapeutic stress relief roll on. Enrich your lifestyle and calm your nerves with a CBD wellness kit.