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hōlus face serum contains 100mg CBD for a relieving, replenishing experience. CBD is a beneficial cannabinoid your body naturally welcomes. In combination with other ingredients, CBD may combat flaky and dehydrated skin patches. The CBD connects with the endocannabinoid receptors in your skin, encouraging a reduced inflammation and healthier-looking skin. Sodium hyaluronate reacts with your skin cells to bring moisture to the surface, reduce dry skin, and act against wrinkles.

In addition to the CBD, we use the single most effective skin hydrating ingredient, hyaluronate acid. This special ingredient is a water-soluble rock salt derived from hyaluronic acid, which our bodies naturally secrete to maintain our skin moisture. Sodium hyaluronate lessens in your body with age, making it harder to maintain your complexion’s moisture. Incorporating this natural, beneficial ingredient into your skincare routine can help restore lost moisture.

0%THC means there is less than 0.01% of THC in this product, also referred to as THC-ND (THC Non-Detect)

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0thc iconIngredients: Purified Water, Aloe Vera Gel, Sodium Hyaluronate, Hemp Cannabinoids Extract (CBD), Sunflower Oil, Glycerin, Xanthan Gum, Glyceryl Stearate, Sodium Stearoyl, Lactate, Pyridoxine, Xylitol, Niacinamide Neem Oil, Sodium Benzoate

Our products are eco-friendly, handcrafted in Wisconsin with U.S. grown hemp. Product does not contain gluten ingredients. Manufacturer’s facility is GMP-certified.

Benefits: Infused with CBD and other face-friendly ingredients. Our CBD face serum may improve dryness, smooth texture over wrinkles and fine lines, and helps our face retain moisture for a soft, glowing complexion. 

Phytocannabinoid Strength: 100mg CBD oil per 0.3 fluid ounce (tube)

CBD Type: CBD Isolate

5 Reasons to try our CBD face serum:

  1. May reduce inflammation, which then reduces the appearance of puffiness & redness
  2. Designed to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  3. Replenishes dehydrated facial areas
  4. Firms and softens for a smooth complexion
  5. Is Lighweight
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place, away from light.

How to Use: Topical use only. Safe for facial areas.

Interested in calculating how much CBD to start with? Utilize our free calculator, then adjust for your body’s specific needs. Using CBD in multiple forms in and out of your body will add up.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Deb L. (Minnesota)
Holus rapid relief cream

This cream is awesome! It relieves itchiness almost immediately and doesn’t leave your skin dried out like many other creams. I have psoriasis flare ups and this has been a huge relief for them. Would definitely recommend this product.

Shirley G. (Florida)
Holus Rapid Relief Cream

This product did provide relief from my knee pain. This is the first time I have tried this product. I prefer the roll on, but it has been out of stock for some months now. The roll on seems to provide better relief. The roll on is less messy.

Deborah G. (Illinois)
Where's the roll-on

We ordered the muscle gel cream, since the roll-on option has been out of stock for over a month. We like the roll-on muscle gel option much more.

Linda M. (Florida)

Best CBD product that I have uses

Becky (Michigan)
Great stuff

I couldn't work without this stuff. I had two neck surgeries and this helps tremendously!

Deborah G. (Illinois)
Great for sore muscles & joints

My husband has sore hips & knees from his chemotherapy meds. Holus Topical relief gel helps tremendously. The roll on is great.

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