Our Mission

Purely Better Products.

Customer well-being and science drives our efforts. Our Mission at hōlus pure premium CBD is to provide our customers with a scientifically sound product that is consistent, naturally pure, and with the highest quality of cannabinoids.

Our goal

Our hōlus pure premium CBD formulations team includes PhD scientists, members of the medical community, and health-conscious parents.

holucbd proucts
Our goal to manufacture a pure, efficacious and life-elevating product for maximum holistic health. We produce products from various strains of terpenoids and flavonoids to achieve optimal potency. The hōlus pure premium CBD family of hemp flower products are created from the highest quality of oil that is transformed into consistent products that meet customer demand. You can feel confident that the hōlus pure premium CBD products you share in your business are the best holistic choice for customers’ well-being.

We are proud to create “Clean & Green” hemp flower products, with transparency and integrity, from hemp grown in the USA. The hōlus pure premium CBD team partners with select hemp farmers to leverage the highest grade of hemp genetics for outstanding products.

Our products are thoroughly tested to avoid impurities and additives, and to ensure we are using the highest quality CBD product. Once the rich biomass is received at our GMP Certified facility, it is registered and transformed into full and broad spectrum oils and distillate.

We manage our partnerships with best practice, turnkey manufacturing processes: shucking/bucking, grinding, decarboxylation, extraction, winterization, dewaxing, rotary evaporation, wipe film distillation, bottling/packaging, as well as branding and distribution.

All of our products are thoroughly tested in our on-site laboratory by industry-recognized PhD scientists and lab technicians to ensure our products are the absolute best for customers world-wide.

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