Top 5 Reasons Why to Buy Organic Hemp

Feb 8, 2022

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Top 5 Reasons to Invest in USDA Organic Seed to Shelf

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At holus, our products are created with USDA certified organic hemp.

The hemp used to extract CBD is organic-certified and we do not add harsh chemicals, fragrances, or heavy metals – so our products are as pure as they can be. Some products may not carry the USDA certification stamp due to the formulations required to create them at the quality level desired.

When buying “natural” and “organic”, it is important to know how the products you are buying are actually made and not just go by the label. A product or facility’s use of the label USDA Organic requires many checks and balances to be certified. Our producer and manufacturer, Nemadji, is USDA organic certified.

“Hemp which is grown under organic conditions by a certified organic grower and processed organically by a certified organic processor, and manufactured into an organic product (which have a host of specific conditions as well) is able to be USDA Certified Organic. The chain of hemp from seed to shelf must pass through organic processes and meet organic requirements to be certified organic.” -Melvin Welch (General Manager)

When you buy hōlus organic products, you have the backing of a USDA Organic certification for the comfort and confidence of knowing the products labeled USDA Organic are truly organic in the way you expect organic to mean.

1. Organic Hemp is Premium Quality.

Both the plant and process create a premium quality product. Organic hemp is grown without pesticides or genetic engineering. No pesticides means no residuals of those chemicals left on the hemp; no genetic engineering, means it’s purely natural – no GMOs.

Organic products have strict protocols they must follow from planting, growing, harvesting, through processing, final products, and organic identification. Each step of the material handling and processing must comply with a litany of quality requirements to ensure that the product has been handled only in an approved manner and to reduce the potential that the organic product has been contaminated by inorganic products, surroundings, processing aids, or otherwise.” – Melvin Welch (General Manager)

barn with growing hemp
barn with growing hemp

2. Buying Organic CBD Supports Organic Farmers.

Organic hemp farmers take the risk for everyone when growing un-altered organic hemp for organic processors. They are the starting line for an organic hemp product, and like hemp manufacturers, they must extensively follow organic principles. Because hōlus’ manufacturer, Nemadji, is an organic certified facility, it is important for organic farmers to comply with USDA regulations during the growing and farming processes. By investing in organic CBD, you are supporting organic farmers. 

3. Organic is Healthier!

Have you ever wondered if organic is really any better? or just an expensive black hole where your money will be lost? Organic ingredients do have a higher nutritional face value.This is because the lack of pesticides and fertilizers automatically boosts their phytochemicals, which becomes a natural defense against insects and weeds.

It is important to consider what we put into our bodies, we are naturally healthier when our body is not worn down by filtering out the excess pesticides, fertilizers, and other toxins. Organic CBD includes a variety of naturally healthy cannabinoids and vitamins already, no additives!

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4. Organic hemp is non-GMO,

its seeds will not have been altered by genetic engineering. Pesticide resistance is not a bad thing, the hemp plant however has many chemical compounds to defend itself.

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are organisms whose DNA has been altered by genetic engineering at the DNA level. Under USDA guidelines for organic regulations, use of GMOs are prohibited. Only organic produce is guaranteed to be non-GMO. GMOs do not happen naturally. Their genes have been exploited, usually to create the product to be pest-resistant or for greater immunity to insecticides. Genetically modifying organisms is a process done to boost gain and food production, not to create a healthier food

5. Environmentally Friendly.

Use of pesticides can be overused, dissolving soil nutrients. Acidity levels will rise over time if continually overused. Growing organic hemp requires a richer soil, providing the plant a richer life.

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Because our products are designed to enhance your health and wellness, whenever it is possible, we will offer organic.

Our manufacturer, Nemadji Manufacturing, is a USDA Organic certified facility. So you can be confident, even our non-organic products are manufactured at premium qualities. Regardless, hōlus products are always manufactured with the lowest cost & cleanest extraction technology for CBD.


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