How to Store CBD Oil

Oct 12, 2021


CBD Is Not Best Friends With The Sun

You really don’t want to leave it in the sun 🌞 We love the sun. Its warm. Its happy. It makes the days go by faster for some and longer for others. But CBD? CBD and the sun are not best friends. CBD doesn’t like the sun and the sun doesn’t like CBD because CBD doesn’t appreciate him. So we got that down. CBD does not like the sun.

Sunlight degrades CBD potency, which decreases your products’ effectiveness.

The point is, don’t carelessly leave your expensive CBD oils out in the sun. It can be tempting when you find yourself sitting comfortably in your sunny sunshiny sun room by yourself with a good book and you brought your CBD lotion in with you and tell yourself its fine to leave it in there for the duration of your time reading, but then wait, it gets better… you forget and you put down your book cause your now getting hot and sweaty in there… so you get up and you leave your fragrance free holus CBD lotion all alone in there to suffer.

NO. Don’t leave CBD out in the sun. Be CBD’s best friends and keep that sun away.

This is all good and everything, but you must be asking yourself why? 

Here’s the answer: Continuous exposure to sunlight will degrade your CBD

Does CBD Need To Be Refrigerated?

Refrigerating skincare has been a massive blowup in recent years. Do you wonder why? Its because generally, cold environments tend to extend shelf life. 

⚠ DISCLAIMER: Refrigerating your CBD will not increase effectiveness.

Also disclaimer, we are not trying to convince you to go buy yourself a mini fridge for you CBD oils.  The mini fridge skin care trend may have already gotten ahold of you, so you may have one… but you don’t necessarily need one. 

But, the thought may come to mind. A cool, fresh roll on rolling over your skin sounds dreamy doesn’t it? Sigh. Many brands come with specific storage guidines. Its always a good idea to double check storage conditions as sometimes cool temperatires may in fact change consistency of a products. Too hot or too cold of an environemnt on certain products can even ruin the formula completely. Refrigeration does not always equal long lasting CBD. Cool temperatures will not destroy CBD, but it may help in preserving the cannabonids in your product.

Do You Refrigerate Coconut Oil?

That’s a weird additional headline to this post. Yes it is. But we want to quickly knock this question out of the park as a lot of CBD tinctures, topicals, and gummies contain coconut oil. 

Does coconut oil go bad and will it increase the chances of my CBD product from expiring?

If your CBD products contains coconut, it is just fine to leave out at room temperature. It is advisable that you keep your products away from temperature changing locations however (e.g. near your stove or over). 

So does coconut oil need to be refrigerated? No. 

How Do I Store My Roll On?

We understand a great variety of people use our roll on. We are not truing trying to deter you from traveling with your CBD roll on. That’s impossible! Your on your way to a track pratcie and quickly stuff your roll on in your bag and let it sit in your hot backpack for hours, whether that be out in the sun or in the lockeroom. CBD can be left at room temperature. As long as your roll on isn’t getting a tan in the sun, it will be just fine. 

cbd roll on in a black backpack

Places You Should Never Leave Your Roll On

Its inevitable. We know CBD will end up in your car at some point going to and fro. Cars accumulate a lot of heart especially during the summer months. We know its hard, but do your best to not leave it in your car.

 Never leave your roll on at:

(1) Your chiropractors office (he/she will never give it back)

(2) An art museum (people will think its art and you will never get it back)

(3) your mother in laws (you will never ever get it back)

(4) a wax museum (the wax figures will never give it back)

(5) You know how people stuff water bottles in their back jean pockets? Don’t do this with the roll on.

(6) your friends house (we repeat! You will never get it back!)

⚠ keep your roll on safe at all costs as people fall in love with it and you will never get it back.

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