How Does CBD Make You Feel?

May 18, 2021

cbd strengths chart

Let’s get real and raw about the feelings we feel about CBD. A little bit of emotion and a whole lot of science is involved. We all know what it is, but how does feel?      

Right off the bat, let’s debunk one theory about how CBD makes people feel: is there a high?            

Will CBD Make You Feel High?

The most common misconception people have about CBD is that it will make you high. THC is the cannabinoid that causes an alteration in our brains’ perceptions. CBD is simply not as strong as THC to cause any extreme mental alteration. Now, some oils are known as full spectrum. These oils contain 0.3% THC or less. Combined, CBD and THC create an ambient feeling of relaxation and free thinking, but not a high.

Secondly, let’s get a feel for why people take CBD. 

Why Do People Take CBD?

People take CBD to boost either their physical health and mental health state in a positive and healthy way. CBD naturally signals positive mood. People take CBD to manage their stress, help with loss of sleep, and find relief. CBD basically triggers happiness and good vibes.

There is some pretty amazing science behind CBD and our body. People certainly don’t take it for no reason! You see, without boring you to death on cannabinoids, let us just say this; we each have an endocannabinoid system, all mammals do. Did you see cannabinoid in that word? The fascinating thing about CBD and how we feel all relates to its interaction within this system, our endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Our ECS is responsible for balancing body and mind, our resting state and much of our mood and physical discomfort. People take CBD for these reasons.

What To Know Before Taking CBD

There are a few things you should understand before taking CBD. CBD is just as new to you as you are to it. Beginners often get frustrated that they can’t “feel” CBD’s effect and stop trying. Let’s walk through these problems together.

CBD Is A Self Learning Experience

Approach CBD with a willingness to learn more about it and yourself. Taking CBD is a self learning and earth learning experience. People are drawn to CBD and for good reason, but they also come with high expectations on what CBD can do for them. It is not a cure all. Its gonna take some time to see a difference. Be consistent and willing to learn as you go.

“I Don’t Feel Anything” Could Simply Be An Incorrect Dosage

Another let down people encounter with CBD is the common, “I don’t feel anything.” This could be a simple issue of dosing correctly. Yes. Dosing is involved too, especially when taking CBD sublingually or beneath the tongue. You may be taking your CBD consistently, but it may not be enough. This can lead to frustration. There are many dosage guides and calculators you can try to find the right dosage that fits you.

Different Feelings Come With Different Strengths

The question, “How does CBD feel?” is also affected by strength. One thing beginners need to know about CBD, is strength or potencies. Strengths are simply how much CBD is in a CBD product, how potent the CBD is. CBD comes in all different strengths and can affect how you feel CBD. Strengths can get a little overwhelming as there are a variety of options out there, when you don’t know which would be best for your need.

For example, 300mg of CBD is considered a low strength while 5000mg is a very high strength. Some CBD products can get up to 9000mg! The lower the CBD potency, the more mild an effect will be. This is just CBD, but other ingredients or additives may have a role in how one feels when taking CBD.

cbd strengths chart

Beginners most often start with a lower potency for starters, whether it is out of skepticism, flavor testing, price, or observation. The thing beginners least consider is how low this potency will have an effect on the overall experience. Again, the lower the potency, the more mild the effect will be. The more CBD you take too, the more you will feel.

So How Does CBD Make You Feel?

To some, CBD feels like rest after an eight-hour car ride. To others, it feels like breathing in fresh air after being confined by one’s physical detriments for so long. CBD is a lot of things and feels like a lot of things to different people. Each individual’s body is unique and complex, so when it comes to how CBD feels, each may have a slightly different reaction.

A few feeling regarding CBD…

  • Supports healthy living
  • Helps manage feelings of stress or unrest
  • Promotes calm and relaxation
  • Encourages rest
  • Boosts energy and focus

Some take CBD for overall health and others have specific needs.

Won’t CBD Make Me Tired?

CBD is such a great all-natural choice for your bedtime routine. CBD can be sleep-inducing, it depends on how much you take. Gummies are often a popular evening CBD product for sleep. CBD relaxes and will not make you feel drowsy.

What Are The Side Effects of CBD?

Ya know how those commercials tell you all the benefits of a supplement and then quickly list off the possible undesirable side effects so fast you can’t catch them all the way? Well, CBD isn’t like that. You will not experience any negative side effects when you take CBD.

Is CBD Addictive?

Dependence or addiction is unlikely. CBD has no known likelihood or potential for being addictive according to the World Health Organization.

Much of our knowledge on how CBD feels is inspired right from you, the customer.

We are inspired by you. We love to hear our customer’s stories and how they have benefited from CBD and our products. People have come to us with their problems and once again sleep and feel themselves again.

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