How CBD Gummies For Sleep Works

Jan 29, 2021

Are you tired of not falling asleep when you want to? When you need to? Maybe its not even you. Maybe its that owl that likes to chat at one in the morning or the neighbors really like their music. Whatever it is that’s keep you up, is costing you dearly.

Do CBD Gummies Get You Better Rest?

Sleep could be the least of your concerns if you have a busy lifestyle, but none the less, it a necessity of life. Abraham Maslow would say it is the foundation for success. Sleep is a foundational need humans have. 

According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, our physiological needs are foundational to our safety needs and our safety needs are foundational to our sense of belonging and so on. 

Sleep is very important and sometimes busy seasons in our lives deprive us of this important part of life. Can CBD gummies help you get better rest?

What Does CBD Do?

CBD is a cannabinoid that is naturally welcomed and used by our bodies. Cannabinoids influence our network of receptors within our endocannabinoid system. While the cannabinoid THC does bind directly to specific receptors, CBD indirectly interacts with them, essentially modifying the receptor’s cannabinoid binding abilities. 

Our endocannabinoid system is a powerhouse of operations. The most important responsibility of this system is to manage our resting state, or homeostasis. Homeostasis is the process of our bodies trying to maintain balance. Other than being heavily involved in our sleep patterns, this system also affects our bodies metabolism and pain sensations.  

CBD interacts with specific receptors that can promote better rest. Ongoing studies and research continues on the connection between CBD and the influence it has with our bodies functions. 

Can CBD Gummies Promote Better Sleep Patterns?

A 2019 study “aimed to determine whether CBD is helpful for improving sleep… in a clinical population.” This was a randomized clinical practice study on 103 adults with sleep disorders and poor sleep patterns over the course of three months.

CBD was taken in capsule form from 25mg to 175mg every evening after a meal in addition to the patients current medication. With limitations and various clinical barriers, the results should be digested cautiously. Patients dwindled down to 75 over time. It was experienced that treatment was overall well tolerated and poor sleep conditions steadily improved over the duration of time among 57 patients. Various fluctuations occurred in 48 out of 75 patients due to spontaneous intolerance or side effects. 

This study and many more was conducted to determine how CBD might improve our sleep. CBD for sleep is looking positive, but more clinical trials will need to be conducted to understand how CBD affects our sleep. The method of consumption for example, remained the same. Variation of consumption, duration, and other factors could possibly change the outcomes in future studies. 

Many use CBD for help in their poor sleeping patterns. Your body is uniquely yours as this study demonstrates and could react favorable to CBD in nightly use. CBD promotes relaxation and a sense of overall wellbeing which you may find to be the perfect state to drift off to sleep.

Do CBD Gummies Impact Our Sleep Cycle?

Let’s get back to biology basics, our sleep cycle is broken down into two types of sleep, rapid eye movement (REM) and non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep. Each has different stages and our bodies cycle through each stage several times during the night. These stages have a lot to do with our brain waves and activity.

Our NREM sleep cycle is actually comprised of three phases. 

Phase 1 of the NREM sleep cycle slows down your active wakefulness brain wave patterns. Your muscles begin to relax; your heartbeat, eye movement, and breathing slightly start to slow down as you fall into a relatively light sleep for about 10 minutes.

Phase 2 of the NREM sleep cycle is the shift from light sleep in phase 1 to deep sleep. This phase is the longest and is sometimes referred to as delta sleep because brain waves slow down dramatically and are called delta waves. Eye movement ceases, muscles are completely relaxed, and your heartbeat and breathing slow down further. Electrical brain activity occurs, but brain waves remain relatively slow. This is the middle phase between light and deep sleep and usually remains from 30-60 minutes.

Phase 3 of the NREM sleep cycle is our bodies deep resting state. Your heartbeat and breathing is the lowest at this point. It is the hardest point to wake up when you have reached your deepest sleep stage. 

Our REM sleep cycle is one repeated phase that occurs every 90 minutes. 

As the name implies, rapid eye movement occurs, brain activity increases, and heart and breathing climbs again. Dreams only happen in this sleep phase. 

CBD gummies could improve your overall sleep cycle quality because of its unique role in our endocannabinoid system and its amazing structure similarity between the sleep messenger anandamide.

High Dose or Low Dose CBD Gummies For Sleep?

CBD gummies come in all different potencies and amounts. When we refer to CBD potency, we refer to the amount of CBD per serving. Different amounts will have different results. 

“Administration of CBD has been shown to have differential effects on sleep based on dose. Indeed, low-dose CBD has a stimulating effect, while high-dose CBD has a sedating effect.” (Babson, Sottile, Morabito, 2017)

Gummies typically range from 10mg to 30mg CBD potency, but can be higher depending on the brand. The higher the dose, the more drowsy the effect. Each individual is wired differently however, so it is best to start low and start slow. Hōlus pure premium CBD infuses 20mg in each gummy for a well rounded beginner friendly dosage.

How Many CBD Gummies Should I Take For Sleep?

How many CBD gummies you should take for rest widely depends on how you digest it and the potency level. In the study above, capsules were the choice of consumption. In gummies, it depends on potency. 

How many CBD gummies to take largely depends on the potency level per gummy. We want to make your experience with CBD worth it and figuring out the right amount is a good start.  

CBD gummy products may have a recommended serving size already labeled, but depending on your purpose and the potency of each gummy, more or less may be needed. It is always in your best interest to start with the labeled amount and work your way up.

Interested in the benefits of CBD gummies? Check out our 2.0 benefits of CBD gummies masterguide!

A 10mg CBD gummy may mildly induce sleepiness depending on additional added ingredients, while a 20mg or even 30mg CBD gummy could maybe do a better job as more CBD will be used by your body. CBD has a very calming effect toward our bodies, setting you up for the perfect environment to rest well.

Your body is individually unique and your tolerance level, metabolism, weight, and how much food you eat prior to eating CBD gummies affects how many you should eat. Some may be more tolerant to higher CBD/THC potencies than others. If you have never had either, small amounts are recommended. CBD gummies on a full spectrum standard should contain no more than 0.3% THC, while gummies that are broad spectrum, contain a non detectable amount of the cannabinoid THC.

Do CBD Gummies Make You Drowsy?

Medline Plus describes drowsiness as feeling abnormally sleepy during the day. CBD can promote better sleep, but will it cause the side affect of drowsiness?

CBD works like an adaptogen. Adaptogens are a select group of non-toxic herbals that help promote our bodies natural resting state, or homeostasis. In the same way, CBD too helps our bodies maintain homeostasis.

Adaptogens adapt to our bodies natural needs. If you are stressed out and need to calm down, CBD will adapt to your need, promoting serenity and focus. The same can be true if you are looking to CBD for a better night’s sleep. Of course the amount of CBD you take and the food with it will play a role in your needs as well. 

While CBD gummies do not typically induce drowsiness, every individual is unique and experiences could vary; Ingredients between companies can differ to promote sleep. Taking too many CBD gummies with melatonin for example as some CBD company’s include, could possibly make you drowsy in this sense. Make sure to check all ingredients prior to purchasing for your best narrowed product.

How Long Does It Take For CBD Gummies For Sleep To Work ?

Our bodies digest CBD very slowly. CBD gummies taken an hour to an hour and a half prior to your bedtime is usually what it takes. This allows our bodies to settle down as CBD does the work for us.

Gummies take much longer for our bodies to digest and absorb than a topical CBD infused product would. The rate in which our bodies absorb CBD is commonly referred to as bioavailability. If you want to increase the rate of absorption, bioavailability, you should not take CBD gummies on an empty stomach (Envy CBD, 2019). Eating a high-fat-calorie meal along with CBD is a potential method to increase oral bioavailability (Millar, Maguire, Yates, O’Sullivan, 2020). 

After gummies pass through our digestive system, they continue to our liver to be absorbed. Eating a meal prior to eating a CBD gummy increases the chances that CBD will be absorbed by the liver. You should almost always eat a meal with your CBD gummy for better bioavailability.

Pills Vs. Gummies For Sleep

To some, pills are convenient and no problems occur for swallowing. To others, swallowing a pill is the last thing you will ever catch them doing. Some dislike pills and some don’t mind. It’s a matter of preference.

Everyone has different techniques to get their daily vitamins. The creation of gummy vitamins hit the market hot.

“Gummy multivitamins accounted for 7.5 percent of the $6 billion multivitamin market in the United States in 2016, according to estimates from the Nutrition Business Journal and projections form IBISWorld, a research company.” stated, New York Times journalist Abby Ellin in her article Vitamins Gone Gummy (2017).

Gummies are preferred among many to get their daily vitamins over average pills or chewable tablets. CBD gummies are not vitamin rich, but they are a fun and holistic natural resting remedy. CBD is not to replace a doctor prescribed sleep medication, but talk with your doctor about how you could incorporate CBD gummies to help promote good rest.

Best CBD Gummies For Sleep

We have the largest selection of CBD gummies in the industry. Infused with 20mg CBD processed we carry some of the best CBD gummies for sleep. Cross contamination is at an all time low with our environmental friendly equipment that maintains hemp quality and a peanut free product. We are very careful in every step for quality and safety.

With one gram of sugar and low calorie count, we are positive you will find all the satisfaction you’re looking for when you try hōlus CBD gummies for sleep. Our lab reports are free to all customers. Based on plant to product to consumer trust, quality assurance, and flavorful gummy tastes, hōlus pure premium CBD shares some of earth’s best CBD gummies for sleep. 


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