The Holus Influencers Program

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Hōlus wants to partner with you to make an impact on the world with scientifically sound CBD products made consistently with “Clean and Green” methods, consistency, integrity, and transparency for customer well being. We unite science and personal health in each and every one of our products. Join hōlus and help us make a difference. 

How to Get Involved!


Share Our Products

Actively share the holistic benefits of CBD with your friends, followers, and family with your own personal 10% off code! Share quality products on your social media from a trustworthy brand like holus. Share why you love us!


Help Us Make A Difference

From organic options to scientific formulations, we benefit a diverse selection of people with individual needs. Our testimonies, customer care, and quality standards make our brand unique from the rest. By sharing our brand, you make a difference.


Get Featured!

Become a holus brand ambassador and get creative! Share our brand with pride and get featured on our social media channels! 


Why Participate?

CBD is a growing industry! Get involved and share your love for CBD and hōlus with your friends and loved ones. Support a quality brand like hōlus and let people know how our product has benefited you!

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Who Can Be An Influencer?

Our diverse range of customers inspire us! All hōlus loving fans and customers are welcome to participate in our new influencer program. Inspire others with the love CBD gives.

How to Get Started


Referral link and code

Create your account, get your code and referral link and include them in your social profiles.

Codes must be appropriate, non violent and non vulgar. 

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Media Assets Folder: Promote and create

Repost and build with us! Use our logo when posting, found in your Media Assets folder. This folder will include things such as reusable memes, templates, and things to help you promote!

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Missions and Challenges

Do our weekly missions and challenges.  Our system is highly competitive, so engage weekly and impress us for prizes, discounts, and more!



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