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Professors, Teachers, Teachers Assistants:  We understand, now more than ever, life can be very stressful and challenging. We want to offer you a 20% discount to show you our gratitude.
Students over 18: We are proud to offer a 20% discount to encourage you.

How to Receive Your Teacher/Student Discount

Complete the form and submit proof of employment/enrollment and we will send you a code via text message.

Acceptable documentation:

      • Current + Valid Teacher ID
      • Current + Valid College ID (must be 18 years of age or older)
      • School email

Who is eligible?

Teachers, TAs, Professors, and Students over 18 years old.

What happens when I submit my credentials?

Upon submission, your credentials will go under review. If approved, a unique discount code will be emailed to you.

Can I share my discount with others?

No. The coupon code is unique to you, for your use only. If abuse of code is detected, access will be revoked without notice.

Teacher/Student Discount Form

Are you over 21?

You must be over 21 to enter, shop, or purchase

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