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The Complete Beginners Guide To CBD Oil Roll On For Deep Relief

What Is A CBD Oil Roll On? 

A CBD roll on is a topical form of CBD used for relief, relaxation, recovery, and a variety of other uses. It is an absorbable ointment infused with CBD extract and other active oils or ingredients. Essential oils such as eucalyptus or lemon may also be added for additional benefits. Other extracts like aloe vera, menthol, and coconut oil are commonly found in roll-ons. Depending on the ingredients and the feeling your looking for, some will give off a cooling or warming sensation.

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What Does CBD Oil Roll On Do?

A CBD roll on is unlike any other relief product. In fact, it is our number one top selling product at holus CBD. The roll on has a unique set of advantages over other products that we will look over together. CBD is a natural wellness ingredient that has turned into a multi billion dollar industry. 

“CBD products are part of what is estimated to be a roughly one billion dollar industry in the United States. And it’s perfectly legal.” says Business Insider.  

Designed for your body to recover and heal after high exertion activities, peace for self care, and strength for you to thrive in all that life has to offer. While most brands carrying CBD gel roll-ons target audiences looking to relieve pain in general, many are customized for sleep, sports, or specific areas of the body.

Pure premium CBD products is at the center of what Holus is. Developed by a ten year industry leader in cannabis extraction equipment and separation chemistry, our CBD roll on stands tall above the rest in ingredient and extraction quality.

Physical And Mental Recovery

Often the most forgotten part of physical activity and mental activity for that matter, is recovery. Incorporating CBD into your recovery routine is one way to optimize your muscle recovery. While many brands carrying CBD oil roll ons target overall relief and wellbeing, our CBD oil roll on is a versatile, ingredient rich, and highly formulated topical designed for deep relief recovery. 

CBD has become a highly used treatment option for both physical and mental recovery. In an article done by The Spartan Editors, Why Muscle Recovery Is More Imprtant Than Trainingcofounder of Recover, NYC’s first Recovery Studio, Aaron Drogoszewski, expounds on the importance of recovery. 

Drogoszewski explains that high intensity aerobic excerise creates little traumas or microtears in our soft tissue, especially in our muscles. By eliminating recovery, our muscles can never replenish and heal the “traumas” or “microtears” we exhibit as we exercise. Recover has a variety of services for New York City citizens, including their CBD Soreness Solution. This process involves using CBD muscle rub, ice compression, and E-Stim to reduce inflammation. 

Not only does your physical body need recuperation, but also your mental health. CBD oil taken orally is absorbed through the bloodstream, taking a different route than topical CBD products do. CBD tinctures often create a full body effect, not targeting any one specific area of the body  like roll ons do. A general feeling of wellbeing is associated when using CBD supplements.

If you have never taken CBD orally or topically, hōlus has six CBD kits to get you started! Our CBD Introductory Kit includes our famous roll on with creamy lotion and our original strawberry CBD tincture. Make an impact in your muscle recovery with CBD roll on. 

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Relief For… Everything?

Most individuals take OTC drugs like aspirin to numb their pain. But more and more we see pharmacists and athletes alike endorsing CBD as a painkiller, leaving ibuprofen behind. Is CBD really a pain killer?

CBD is not a drug, and it is commonly misconceptualized as such. A  January 2019 CR nationally representative survey of over 4,000 people, 22% used CBD to replace drugs. As part of that 22%, an explosive 47% used CBD in place of common pain killers (OTC drugs) like advil and tylenol. Even more, 36% replaced opioid use with CBD. 

The majority of participants indicated that they took CBD to reduce anxiety, help relieve joint pain, and to otherwise replace or supplement their current pain relieving choice. The FDA discourages such uses and does not consider CBD as a painkiller. CBD in general has a very calming effect on our internal and external bodies. CBD oil roll ons are not official pain killers, but they do alleviate discomfort and encourage healing to a degree. 

The public is widely open to CBD and an estimated 64 million Americans have tried CBD since 2017 (Consumer Reports, 2019). CBD is further becoming a familiar topic and useful tool to boost ones health and spirits. There seems no end to CBD infused products these days. Soaps, shampoos, bath bombs, you name it, but topicals are among the top used CBD infused products (Single Care survey, 2020). 

Muscle Relaxation 

Remember how your high school health class aimed to stress the importance of maintaining a healthy body through daily exercise and healthy food choices, while you sat in class eating a blue frosted sugar cookie? Using our muscles and eating healthy have long been stressed to maintain a healthy life. 

As much as we use our muscles, taking time to relax keeps them safe from injury. There’s More Than One Way To Let Your Muscles Recoveraffirms Everyday Health. Passive recovery, cross-training, nutritional recovery, and sleep are just a few Everyday Health suggests to relax those hard working muscles. CBD recovery can just as easily be integrated within a muscle recovery checklist. 

With the right product and ingredients, CBD is quickly absorbed into the skin for fast energizing, relaxing, and strengthening results. A few smooth rolls go a long way. If you get easily tired and worn out through the day and coffee just doesn’t cut it, this product is soon to be your new best friend.

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We use our muscles on a daily basis, some more than others. Muscle recovery post-workout or other high stress recovery is essential for good health. CBD oil roll ons aid in muscle support and strength for any season from skiing the mountains of Montana to cruising the deserts of Arizona.

Where Do You Put CBD Roll On?

The first thing to know about roll ons infused with CBD is that they are not advisable for facial use. There are a great number of CBD beauty products that work for safe facial application. CBD oil roll on is designed for body use only, unless specifically mentioned as safe for facial application. Rolling works both upper and lower body areas. Spreading roll-on gell over sore muscle areas like shoulder/neck area or abdomen, bicep, knee, or foot will be effective.  

How To Use CBD Roll On

Apply directly to your skin using light circular motions. This is the typical motion to get the most effective results. Although straigtforward, these helpful tips can be utilized if you are new to this product.

Where Do You Put CBD Roll On?

Be specific where you roll your CBD. Where you feel the most discomfort isn’t always the source. Applying to the source will get you the most use out of your experience. Look for tension origination.

How To Use CBD Roll On

Apply directly to your skin using light circular motions. This is the typical motion to get the most effective results. Although straightforward, these helpful tips can be utilized if you are new to this product.

Where To Roll It

Be specific where you roll your CBD. Where you feel the most pain isn’t always the source. Applying to the source will get you the most use out of your experience. Look for tension origination.

Don’t Go Overboard

Check your label for the amount of CBD. High concentrations of CBD will produce stronger, coolant or heating sensations. Begin with small amounts before large amounts. Increase with continual use if needed.

Stay Clear Of Cuts

It might sound cheeky, but it is a good idea to stay clear of any cuts or wounds when using a CBD oil roll on. Spreading over clean and washed areas of skin is good practice.

Sensitive Skin Use

If you have sensitive skin, patch testing is a good idea before applying your CBD roll over an entire area. Checking ingredients before applying is also a smart decision, especially if you have sensitive skin to particular ingredients.

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How Long Does It Take For CBD Roll On To Work?

Absorption is key with CBD topicals. Our endocannabinoid system naturally contains cannabinoid receptors, which CBD naturally binds to. Ingested CBD travels through your bloodstream to this system, topical takes a different route.

The rate in which cannabidiol is absorbed for use into the blood stream is called CBD bioavailability and a number of factors impact bioavailability. Quality, potency, weight, and method of consumption are all factors that influence how long CBD takes to work (Kyro CBD News, 2020).

The question you may want to ask yourself is, how patient are you? Some products work faster than others do. We ranked four of the most common consumption methods based on speed:

#1) Topical

#2) Vape

#3) Tincture

#4) Gummy

By consuming CBD products, the rate of absorption (bioavailability) takes much longer than vaping or rubbing into your skin, anywhere from 30 minutes to 6 hours depending on how much you digest. On average, you can feel the affects of vaping CBD oil anywhere from 5-10 minutes (Kyro CBD News, 2020). Applied topically, CBD targets skin cells that activate our endocannabinoid system, making them the top fastest method.

Designed for easy application and quick relief, the hōlus CBD roll on will not let you down for speed or durability.

Holus CBD Oil Roll On Review

The hōlus CBD roll on has been a customer favorite for years. For ultimate self care and wellness, our products are expert creations, scientifically based formulations for purity and consistency.

Top Ten Reasons Customers Love holus CBD Roll On

From customers like you, our reputation speaks for itself in quality assurance and speedy relief for every individual lifestyle.

#1) Immediate relief

#2) Pain relief

#3) Back pain relief

#4) Sleep improvement

#5) Sore joints

#6) Neck tension

#7) Sore muscles

#8) Headache relief

#9) Fast Shipping

#10) Perfect gift

Find Your Inner Strength With holus

Find your inner strength with hōlus. Created to last with multiple storage options, our topical muscle relief gell roll-on stands out from the rest as one of the most versatile and smooth rolling products. With over thirty thousand purchases, hōlus is the brand you can find your confidence and strength with. 

Infused with CBD and other soothing relief ingredients, our muscle gel roll-on supports your muscles and promotes limitless movement for ultimate freshness. 

Our CBD roll on contains natural, and organically pure ingredients from organic and American grown hemp plants for lasting effect and long storage. We offer a convenient pre and post workout, message therapy, and pain relief option for all lifestyles. Find your inner strength with hōlus.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Void where prohibited by law.


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