Small Batch CBD Gummies Handcrafted In Wisconsin


We house one of the largest CBD oil gummies selections in the United States. We believe taking CBD shouldn’t be complicated. Our gummies are 100% vegan with healthy MCT & pure CBD. Your pure health is kept in mind with each gummy made. We have gone the extra mile to bring some of the few USDA organic gummies to the market for those with organic values.

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Small Batch CBD Gummies Handcrafted In Wisconsin


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Our Gummies Do Not Contain:

Gelatin, dairy, shellfish, peanuts, soy, wheat, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, agave, artificial preservatives, gluten, milk, eggs

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CBD Oil Gummies: Let’s Talk Benefits




A healthy diet and a good night’s sleep is all we ask for. Take CBD gummies 1 hour before sleep, like you would a cup of tea to help you go  to bed.



Get better focus easily with an easy snackable and delicious CBD gummy.



CBD is welcomed naturally by our bodies. Add CBD to your wellness goals in an easy form. 

relieves anxiousness

reduce anxiousness

Everybody needs less stress these days. CBD has a powerful affect on our stress levels. Release stress easier with CBD gummies.



Did you know CBD influences our endocannabinoid system? This is where our balance and resting state resides. Find your balance with CBD oil gummies.

What Are CBD Oil Gummies?

What are CBD oil gummies? Are they a candy, a vitamin, a fruit snack? Are they healthy? CBD gummies are not your average gummy. They are better! and better for you! CBD gummies have CBD in them. The best ones are infused NOT coated. We don’t skimp on CBD when it comes to our gummies. Infused with 20mg CBD for a balanced diet and made solely from naturally derived ingredients in an eco friendly manner.

Do CBD Gummies Have THC In Them?

Full spectrum CBD gummies contain at or less than 0.3% THC. They are made using CBD oil. Broad Spectrum CBD oil gummies contain less than 0.1% THC or a THC-ND (non-detectable) amount of THC. 

How Do You Test Your CBD Oil Gummies?

We ensure each CBD oil gummy contains only what it says it does. We are committed to thorough and professional third party testing. Each batch is consistently tested and free from any unwanted chemicals, pesticides, and heavy metals. In addition, our THC levels are kept within the safe and legal amount at all times. Our gummies are purely plant based, 100% vegan. No gelatin is incorporated in our process.

How Much CBD Is In Your Gummies?

With every gummy, you are getting 20mg of pure CBD. 

How Are Your CBD Oil Gummies Made?

Our gummies are purely CO2 processed, the most scientifically sound and eco friendly process. We believe the science behind the scenes says a lot about product and company. Our CBD oil gummies are eco friendly and sustainably made.

Types of CBD Oil Gummies?

There are two types of CBD oil gummies.

  • Full spectrum CBD gummies

  • Broad spectrum CBD gummies

The sole difference between these two gummies is THC content. Full spectrum CBD gummies contain that legal, non-harmful 0.3% THC level. Broad spectrum does not contain THC that is detectable, sometimes called THC-ND. This means there is a non-detectable THC level. Beginners find broad spectrum more comforting because less than 0.0% THC content will be included. 

Hōlus takes pride in highly esteemed third party testing standards. We test THC levels multiple times during our process. Our clean and green extraction techniques create quality broad spectrum and full spectrum oils for our customers peace of mind. Risks of cross contamination using our COsystem is the lowest ever in the industry. Our Ph.D. separation chemists have full control over quality control. 

Best Time To Take CBD Oil Gummies

We want you to get the full experience and your money’s worth, what’s the key? The key is this. Know you goals. Its that simple. Peak time could vary between individuals. The affects of CBD gummies take time. Our bodies digest CBD very slowly. The potency level affects how much benefits your body could get. The higher the strength, the larger the effects.

If your intent is to get better rest, eating a gummy an hour to an hour and a half before your bedtime is the best. This allows our bodies to settle down as CBD does the work for us. The mg CBD amount could also determine the amount of sleep you could add. 

For overall wellness, early morning CBD consumption is best. CBD gummies could possibly make you drowsy, but could also promote productivity. Some people report getting tired from CBD oil gummies. Each individual’s body is different and could react one way over another. CBD potency does play a large role in how our bodies react. 

Experiment between morning, midday, and night dosages and you’ll discover what’s right for you. Get creative with serving sizes and times.

CBD Oil Gummies FAQ

Do CBD Oil Gummies Have To Be Refridgerated?

Why not? Some like cold pizza some don’t. CBD oil gummies should typically stay in a cooler area, but are fine a room temperature. It is also best to keep any type of CBD product away from windows where sun seeps in or hot vehicles as they could melt or lose potency.

Are Your Gummies 100% Organic?

Our full spectrum CBD gummies are 100% USDA organic. We use only organic, undamaged hemp and organic USDA organic approved ingredients.

Are CBD Gummies Legal?

The 2018 Farm Bill legitimized CBD but every state can either allow or disallow all hemp related production and goods or certain ones. Some states may allow tinctures and not edibles, and visa versa. Make sure to check your state and local laws to determine if CBD gummies are a go ahead.

Is There Any THC In Full Spectrum CBD Gummies?

Yes, full spectrum gummies do contain a minor amount of THC – 0.3% and no more.

What Happens If I Eat Too Many CBD Gummies?

CBD has many positive benefits and has been assumed a safe substance as stated by the World Health Organization. If you do feel like you ate too many, sleep may occur.

What are CBD oil gummies?

Gummies that are infused with CBD are called CBD gummies or CBD oil gummies. They can come in a variety of shapes, flavors, textures, sizes, and amounts. Hōlus chooses seven count bags for easy travel and convenient pricing. Gummies range in a variety of potencies from 10mg to 30mg. We meet our customers in the middle with 20mg CBD per gummy.

Will I fail a drug test from CBD gummies?

It is highly unlikely that you will fail a drug test, but always be cautious with how many you eat in one day. Just like poppy seeds can give wrong impression on a drug test, so can CBD. Keep in mind that full spectrum CBD contains 0.3% THC. While there is a low likelihood that you will fail a drug test, we recommend 1-2 gummies per day.

What Are Full Spectrum CBD Gummies?

Full spectrum CBD gummies are CBD infused gummies that contain 0.3% THC. 0.3% THC is the safe and federally legal amount. Our USDA organic gummies are full spectrum and are tested several times during the process to keep that safe 0.3% THC level.

How many CBD gummies should I eat?

The average individual and recommended serving size for CBD gummies if 1-2. Goals, needs, and body structure may vary and more or less gummies may fit you. Check our gummies calculator for more information!

What are THC-ND gummies?

No CBD is detected in these gummies. THC-ND gummies are a great newbies option as they contain less than 0.0% THC. We make it our priority to give our customers an experience worth remembering. Our quality and testing standards are the highest in the industry.

Are CBD gummies for kids safe?

CBD is a safe cannabinoid that will not react psychoactive. If parents choose to allow CBD gummies for kids, supervision is recommended. No more than the recommended serving is recommended. Read more on kids and CBD in this guide.

What do CBD gummies do?

CBD gummies support a healthy lifestyle, a relaxed state of mind, and may help minimize discomfort. Our endocannabinoid system, which maintains homeostasis, welcomes CBD in naturally. This system is involved in keeping our sleep cycle, any discomfort, metabolism, mood, and even reaction time under control. CBD gummies have an interesting impact on our internal systems, which can help with anxiousness, stress, and other needs.

Are your CBD gummies vegan?

Our gummies are purely vegan made. We do not use any gelatin in our formulations. Yay!

Are Your Gummies Sugar Free?

Our gummies are made with only 1 gram of cane sugar! While, not sugar free, we do pride ourselves in our verifies USDA organic line and vegan options.


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