CBD Oil For Cats: Enrich Your Cats Lifestyle With CBD

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There are so many great resources available to enrich your cat’s lifestyle and environment. Life gets busy and we can sometimes unknowing neglect our furry friends or even those plants that are slowly dying in the kitchen. Stopping for a moment in our busy lives and checking your cat’s physical and psychological needs enriches its wellbeing and quality of life.
Behavior issues are a top symptom of this unintended neglect. These issues frequently occur in cats as their demands haven’t been completely satisfied. Cat’s are some of the most needy pets on earth and addressing these mood swings is important. But life just gets busy sometimes. Cat lovers have an abundant amount of resources to boost their cat’s health, social, environmental, and behavioral needs. Cats want resources to execute their natural behaviours and also have control over their social interactions. CBD has become one of the most therapeutic treatment options to help cat’s meet these specific needs.

Is CBD Oil Safe For Cats

Cat lovers want to give their cats safe and effective treatment options to meet cat specific needs. CBD is a successful pet treatment option for cats. It is completely safe for cats to use; however each cat is different and could react and process differently when first introduced to CBD. The general conclusion among vets regarding whether cbd oil is safe for cats is positive with no unfavorable side effects. Starting off with small doses will be more effective for safely introducing CBD to your cat.

The BENEFITS Hemp Oil For Cats

Cat’s are heartwarming companions, their mental health and moods should be taken care of just as you would your own. If you have ever implemented CBD into your life for any reason, whether it’s for relaxation, athletic, or sleep purposes, CBD improves the quality of our lives substantially and it can up your pets quality in life too.
CBD is a cannabinoid that derives from the hemp plant. Our bodies have an endocannabinoid system (ESC) specifically for handling incoming cannabinoids. Our ECS maintains our state of homeostasis, or resting state. It is directly involved in regulating our mood, metabolism, sleep, inflammation, pain management, and stress levels. Cannabinoids connect to the endocannabinoid receptors in this system. These receptors transmit signals, activating our endocannabinoid system, which is why cannabinoids are so involved in and useful to our well being. ry.
Cats too have an endocannabinoid system that regulates their mood, appetite, and sleep. CBD works on cats by activating this important system. Hemp oil for cats works similar to vitamins for this reason. For many of the same reasons you would take CBD, so would your feline friend.
CBD can be used as an additional healthy supplement to your cats diet. If taken continuously, it could prevent your cat developing long term health issues. Older cats especially could benefit from CBD oil. As cats age their immune system weakens. CBD might be a very good option if you have an older cat.
Help your cat relax with CBD. Indoor cats often get random spurts of energy. If your cat runs around the house at the most random moments, this is completely natural for cats to do. Cat’s spend most of their time sleeping and use their energy in strange ways. If it gets out of hand, hemp oil for cats may be the perfect therapy.
Your cat might especially be a night owl. Cats are the most alert at dusk and dawn. Taking multiple catnaps during the day, they use their stored energy for later. Cat’s become playful at night and by playful, I mean with you. Incorporating a CBD related good before bedtime to your cat is a smart way for you and your cat to get some rest.

Best CBD Oil For Cats

Understanding what a great resource CBD is for the wellness of your cat’s health, interest, social, and environmental needs, you can safely choose the best cbd for cats. Where do I start looking for the right CBD product? Asking the right questions when picking the best CBD oil for cats will help you get started.

Where Does It Come From?

Ask where it comes from. Does this CBD product derive from hemp? Is the hemp organic? Asking the right questions will narrow down your options for hemp based CBD pet supplements.

Hemp derived CBD is legal with a limited amount of 0.3% THC. Hemp plants are separate from marijuana plants.

What Kind Of CBD?

There are different kinds of CBD and one option sets all others apart. Whole plant formulas are the most effective CBD forms to use. When a CBD tincture is made from the whole plant, we refer to this as full spectrum CBD. A full spectrum CBD pet product will have all the essential health benefits. Other healthy and beneficial cannabinoids are included, and a slight amount of THC.

CBD is non psychoactive and all CBD industrial hemp based products will and should contain less than 0.3% THC. This is less than one percent and will not have a negative effect on your cat. Full spectrum CBD creates an entourage effect. In this effect, cannabinoids work together as a team to increase our bodies receptiveness to CBD. This can be true for cats and dogs. A full spectrum form will greatly help your pet digest and feel the best.

Ask About The Testing

How is it tested? A verified third party lab report should always be included with your purchase or otherwise be available to see. Lab reports provide a verification of what is actually included in your CBD pet product. Make sure the labels and ingredients lineup.

How Is It Made?

CBD infused pet products are made by extracting the cannabinoids from the hemp plant. There are a few ways to extract, and understanding the cleanliness and process is important. Find out how it is extracted.

CO2 extraction is by far the cleanest and most efficient method of hemp extraction for CBD products. The opposing method uses ethanol. Ethanol risks cross and chemical contamination, which is not good for you or your pet. Choosing a CO2 extracted CBD extract for pet treatment will make a huge difference in safety and quality assurance.

Choose The Right Hemp Oil For Cats Flavor

Cat’s by origin are carnivorous. Your cute little kitty loves her meat flavored cat food. Picking a meat flavored CBD treat, tincture, or other goods add additional happiness for your pet. Flavorless CBD pet products are also an option

Is CBD Oil For Dogs The Same As CBD Oil For Cats?

Other than flavor differences, your cat can benefit just as much from your dog’s CBD oil as it does. hōlus pure premium CBD provides full spectrum pet relief CBD oil for dogs in beef and rotisserie chicken flavor. Always double check ingredients. Most CBD oils target specific animals. Some target dogs, and some cats. The ingredients in your choice CBD cat product, unless specifically meant for all pets, will be cat oriented. There are many cat and dog CBD oils available that contain cat and dog sensitive ingredients to work for both pet’s lifestyles. If your cat reacts negatively to a CBD oil for dogs, try specifically using a hemp oil for cats.

CBD For Cats Anxiety

There are two types of cats in this world, the “pet me” snuggle ups and the “feed me and leave me alone” cats. While most worry more about the cats they never see, either could get anxiety. Many symptoms can indicate whether your cat has anxiety.

Your cat may be the one to relieve your stress, but what happens when your cat considers you to be their stress relief. Humans and pets share a mutual relationship. Understanding this can significantly improve your cat’s life. CBD can be a useful pet owner tool to help your cats behavior.

A cat’s life can get boring. Boredom often can cause periods of anxiety for attention needy cats. Cats are more similar to us than we think. By that I mean, cats can go into stress eating mode just like us. Excessive eating is often a sign of boredom and stress relief.

Cat’s love sleeping, spending up to fifty percent of their day sleeping according to an article by the University of Washington, compared to other heavy sleeping animals. Oversleeping could be a sign your cat is just plain depressed. Incorporating CBD into your kitties sleeping routine could substantially improve this state.

Separation anxiety is common for the attention obsessed cats. They just love you. If your cat cannot sit still, and hovers over your constantly, a calming dose of CBD may be just what it needs.

CBD For Cats Anxiety Dosage

How much CBD oil should I give to my cat? There is no set CBD dosage for animals and humans. Each individual and pet is unique. Several factors should be considered when dosing, such as the weight of your cat and the form of CBD you intend to use.

Many cat CBD manufacturers include their own recommendations based on experimentation. Most say an initial starting dose for any cat to be 1 drop twice daily. The idea is to gradually increase dosage until your cat is happy and you are too, says CBDclinicals.

These recommendations are based on a CBD tincture formulation. Other CBD types for cats to try are capsules or chewies and may require extra experimentation.

CBD dosage for cats is also based on your cat’s weight. For a heavier cat, 2-3 drops twice a day should be tried. Heavier cats will require heavier dosages, but again play around with it and start with the one drop twice daily starting dose.

Should I Try CBD Oil For Cats?

CBD oil is a great option to enrich your cat’s current indoor or outdoor lifestyle. It will make your furry friends’ life comfortable and in addition, yours as well, having to not worry when life simply gets busy. Tried everything but CBD? Try it and discover its therapeutic benefits to improve your cats active and inactive mood swings, sleep, behavior, anxiety, and other needs. Cats and CBD oil in the perfect combination of happiness and prime relaxation.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Void where prohibited by law.



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