Organic CBD Oil For Dogs

Gift Your Furry Friend a Full Spectrum Tincture

Hyper dogs, hurting dogs, anxious dogs, all dogs can benefit from a little CBD. We realized that we couldn’t just keep this amazing plant all to ourselves, that’s why we created a Full Spectrum Organic CBD Oil for dogs tincture specifically designed to fit a dog’s needs.

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Made in America

Sourced from American grown hemp

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How Can My Dog Benefit From CBD?

There are plenty of reasons you might be looking into giving CBD to your dog. They might not be getting enough sleep or maybe they just get lonely from staying home while you work. Whatever it is, organic CBD oil for dogs is sure to help. CBD calms them down and allows them to relax a bit. It can also help to relieve joint pain and encourage restful sleep. Like humans, dogs can get anxiety too, CBD has a natural way of calming a dog’s restless mind. Any way a human can benefit from CBD, a dog can as well because we both have an endocannabinoid system.



Flavor: Beef

Scent: Beef

Strength: 1200mg

Quality: USDA Organic Certified

Ingredient Highlights: Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil, Organic MCT oil


Store CBD oil in a cool environment away from areas where light is prevalent like windows. Refrigeration is acceptable

How To Use:

Lightly shake your CBD tincture bottle and drop your dose beneath your dog’s tongue if possible, or put a few drops in its food bowl.

Lab Reports



  • Organic CBD Oil 
  • Organic Chamomile essential oil
  • MCT Oil (coconut)
  • Flavor Oil

Made In The USA

Hōlus CBD products are proudly sourced from organic Wisconsin and American grown hemp. We practice farm direct sustainability. This dramatically limits the number of hands your product passes through and decreases the reliance on chemical preservatives.


How Much CBD Should I Give My Dog?

When trying to figure out how much CBD oil your dog should have, a great way to determine it is to give him 1 to 2mg for every 10 lbs of body weight.

It’s also super important to know the concentration of your tincture as well. We have created an incredibly simple CBD dosing calculator just for your dog so to be extra safe use this free dosing calculator.

1. Sourcing

Our organic CBD oil for dogs are made in the USA with U.S. sourced hemp and other natural earth-derived ingredients. Our process is done in our ISO and GMP (Good Manufacturing Purposes) certified facility in Wisconsin. Each Product is crafted with non-GMO ingredients. We formulated our CBD with your canines health and well-being in mind through our scientific expertise.

2. Testing

We ensure each CBD tincture contains only what it says it does. We are committed to thorough and professional third-party testing. Each batch is consistently tested multiple times and lab reports are free for you to view. We are a company built on environmental friendliness, science-based research, and purity.

This is a product 100% free from:

  • Chemicals
  • Leftover residuals
  • Heavy metals
  • Pesticides

3. Clean & Green Methods

We take an environmentally friendly approach to our products. Our products are purely CO2 processed, the most scientifically sound and eco-friendly process available. We believe the science behind the scenes says a lot about a product and company. Each tincture is sustainably and eco-friendly made.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I give my dog CBD?

There is no specific time you should give CBD to your dog. It all depends on the situation. If your dog has sleeping issues, maybe consider giving him CBD around dinner time. If your dog has chronic pain maybe help him out after you both have done a fair share of running. “When you give your dog CBD” is not as important as how much CBD you give your dog.

What are the benefits of CBD for my dog?

If your dog won’t settle down after you have already gone for a walk and played with them for an hour then maybe CBD is a good option to help them calm down. CBD will also help with your puppy’s anxiety if they have it too. If sleepless nights are a problem for them, maybe put a few drops in their dinner bowl. The possibilities are endless.

How Much CBD Does My Dog Need?

The amount of CBD that your dog needs really depends on one main factor, weight. If you want to figure out the exact dosage for your dog, check out our CBD dosage calculator for dogs.

Is CBD Safe for Dogs?

Yes, CBD is safe for any warm-blooded being and this includes dogs. And although dogs are heavy meat eaters, it’s important to get some plants into their diet and there’s no better way than giving them some much-needed CBD.

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