Does CBD Help Treat Acne?

Ever since CBD became popular, people have been curious about its benefits. And although there are many, is treating acne one of them? 

CBD should work in theory because of its anti-inflammatory properties, but let’s dive deeper before making assumptions. 

Benefits of CBD

Hemp and its siblings have been around for millennials. In the past, hemp has been used for its fibrous texture in clothing, illness remedies, and believe it or not “hempcrete”, a mixture of hemp, lime, and sand. 

Today, popular uses are found in its cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, and CBN. CBD being the main one is very popular in topical CBD products like lotions and face serums. 

Other forms of CBD such as edibles are also very popular but are believed to be less effective in treating skin irritation because it will not directly impact the excess production of sebum in the skin like a CBD topical face serum would.

One of the more well-known benefits of CBD is its tendency to be anti-inflammatory. This is great for the healing process of acne. CBDs’ other benefit is their ability to reduce the overproduction of sebum oils in the skin which is often the main cause of acne.

CBDs Effect on Your Skin

A study conducted in 2019 showed the effectiveness of topical CBD on infected skin. Twenty people with skin conditions were put in a clinical trial. Three different types of skin conditions were tested, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, and people with facial scarring from other issues like acne. Each participant used a CBD ointment on their face twice a day for three months. When the three months were over, the CBD was reported to have a significant improvement on the state of their skin. The skin appeared more clear and less inflamed than before. No irritation was reported during the study.

In 2014 a study was conducted on Cbd’s effectiveness in reducing sebum production as well as being an anti-inflammatory. During the study, the CBD seemed to have a positive effect on sebum production and also seemed to have effective anti-inflammatory properties. They believe that the CBD mellowed out the receptor that interacts with proteins, which is the influencer of the glucose and lipid metabolism, which in turn limits the amount of sebum oil being produced. 

A review of cannabinoids in 2016 explained how the properties of hemp helps to fight fungal infections and impurities in the skin. When dirt gets trapped in the pores of your skin, it can get clogged which may result in acne. Applying CBD topically may help fight those skin infections. 

How to Use Topical CBD for Acne

Using CBD on your face is a great way to fight acne. The best way to approach this is by applying a topical CBD product on your face twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, right before bed. This will allow it to do its magic all day and all night.

Preparation is just as important. Before applying your CBD you must cleanse your face with a facial cleanser, and if you’re up for it, exfoliate gently to remove dead skin cells and to improve the effectiveness of the CBD. 

Before you buy a CBD product it’s always important to make sure you know that you’re buying something legit. A way to do that is to make sure they have third-party testing.

If you buy a CBD product with no CBD, you not only wasted your money but the product will do more harm than good for your face. So always check for those important lab tests!

CBD for Other Skin Issues

The face is not the only place people get acne. Some people get it on their shoulders and back too. The reason people get acne on their body is the same reason people get acne on their face, pores clogged with excess sebum oil, or infection.

Using something like a CBD Body lotion may help quicken the healing process by reducing inflammation and providing an anti-biotic.

Over the long-term use of CBD on your body it will also reduce the sebum oil being produced to keep those pores squeaky clean.

Other Benefits

Sure CBD is great for fighting acne but what if you don’t have acne? Well, whether you have acne or not, everyone has free radicals in their body that build up over time which cause aging.

Free radicals are molecules in the body that do not have enough electrons surrounding them. What an antioxidant like CBD will do for you is provide those missing electrons for your free radicals, balancing them out.

So yes, CBD is a pretty phenomenal product. Not only does it help treat acne but it also has antiaging properties. 

Take Away

If you’re looking for a natural way to clear your acne, CBD is the way to go. There are other routes and prescription medicine your doctor may prescribe to you but because CBD is all-natural and there are little to no side effects, it’s pretty hard to beat.