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Dogs are heartwarming companions, their mental health and moods should be taken care of just as your own. Not sure what CBD dosage for dogs is the right amount, but want to incorporate it into your furry friends everyday life? Let’s walk through our calculator!

Benefits of CBD Oil For Dogs?

Dogs are heartwarming companions, their mental health and moods should be taken care of just as your own. Not sure what CBD dosage for dogs is the right amount, but want to incorporate it into your furry fiends everyday life? Let’s walk through our calculator!

CBD oil carries a broad array of holistic and therapeutic benefits that humans and pets alike can benefit from and enjoy. A dog’s endocannabinoid system naturally welcomes in cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. Among the most beneficial qualities of using CBD for pets include helping reduce your pets stress levels by promoting calm.

How Does Our CBD Oil Dosage for Dogs Calculator Work?

Need help understanding our tincture dosage calculator? No problem. We’ll help you understand how our calculator calculates the perfect amount for your dog and what your results mean.


Our CBD oil dosage for dogs calculator  takes multiple things into consideration, one of which is your dog’s personal weight. An American fox hound does not weigh the same as a St. Bernard. The larger your dog, the more likely your pet will require a larger dose. 


When searching for CBD oil for dogs online, you will come across labels and descriptions referring to “potency”. This means the amount of CBD that is in that particular tincture. You’re pet’s dosage will also depend on the potency of your tincture.

Not sure what potency is best for your dog? Continue reading for more.

Potency ranges from as small as 250mg to as high as 5000mg or more. The higher the potency, the lighter the dose. For example, if you have a very calm small dog and a 500mg tincture, you may treat your pet to a dose of CBD a few times a day. If you have a heavy, slightly rambunctious dog with a high 5000mg tincture, you may only treat them once or twice a day. 


Our CBD oil dosage for dogs calculator does the math for you, so you don’t have to. We ask for volume to calculate your CBD potency per every milliliter of oil. Rule of thumb is to take your tinctures potency divided by the volume of liquid.

[CBD Tincture Potency In MG] / [Volume of Tincture In ML] = MG per ML

Number of Doses Per Day

Our calculator asks you for the number of doses per day. Your pet should have no more than 1500mg per day. Our calculator adjusts accordingly to how many times you plan to treat your pet per day. 

Low, Medium, or High Dose?

Why do you think CBD would be right for your dog? When wanting to find the right CBD oil dosage for dogs through our calculator, we ask for low, medium or high dose, to asses your goals for your pet. We want your experience to be fantastic and we know everyone comes to us with different goals in mind. Three options are given to you.


  • Low: general health, balance, relaxation, focus
  • Medium: restlessness, headaches, recovery
  • High: muscle soreness, irritations, joint discomfort, demanding relief, or other tenderness


Each dog’s scenario is different. A younger pet that has a hard time relaxing would not take the same amount of CBD as an older pet that needs therapeutic relief. Your pet owner gaols play a role in our calculations for your pet’s best interest.

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Beginner Q&A

For CBD Oil Dosage

For Dogs

Should I Give My Dog CBD Consistently?

Should I give my dog CBD consistently? Many new pet owners ask this question. They wonder if giving their pets CBD on the daily is worth it or if they should occasionally treat them. 

One benefit of giving your dog CBD daily or weekly is it allows for observation. Consistency provides measurable results. Your pet’s needs may change over time and for that reason, our calculator will always be here for you, but taking your dosage consistently allows you to observe what works for your dog and adjust as needed.

When Should I Give My Dog CBD?

There is no right or wrong time to give your dog CBD. It is completely up to you. You and your pet have a unique relationship and schedule. Incorporate CBD whenever it best suits you. Experiment with various times and record for best results.

What Kind of CBD Tinctures For Dogs Are There?

Two types of CBD tinctures are on the market today. 

  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil
  • THC-ND CBD Oil

What is that supposed to mean?! The sole difference between these two tincture oil types is THC content. Full spectrum CBD oil contains that legal, non-harmfull 0.3% THC level. THC-ND means there is a non-detectable THC level. You may be drawn to one more than the other because THC is included in one and not the other.

What Are The Most Popular CBD Dog Tincture Flavors?

Do you have a picky eater in your home? Dog’s only have 1,700 taste buds compared to our 9,000! Some flavors are more attractive to dogs than others. The most popular CBD dog tincture flavors are here.


  • Chicken 
  • Beef
  • Bacon
  • Natural 
  • Peanut Butter
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