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CBD Gummies Dosage Calculator

Your CBD gummies dosage will be unique to you because each ones body structure is uniquely different. Nearly every CBD gummy brand includes a starting serving size, but just as each individual can be different, so can our CBD dosage.

How CBD Gummies Dosage Works

Your CBD gummies dosage will be uniquely you because each ones body structure is uniquely different. Nearly every CBD gummy brand includes a starting serving size, but just as each individual can be different, so can our CBD dosage.

Here are a few things to consider.


An individuals body weight is just one CBD gummies dosage factor. Typically the more mass an individual has, the greater the dosage. 

For example, a 200 lb. male would not take the same amount of gummies as a 120 lb female. If the male were to take the females dose, he may not experience CBD at all… and likewise, if the female were to take the heavy dose of the male, she would experience more than needed. Sleep often occurs with heavy doses that don’t match your weight.

Here are a few things to consider.


We all have unique needs and problems to solve. One person may take CBD to help improve their sleep, while the next, for headaches. Many estimate their CBD gummies dosage off their specific needs. We group levels of discomfort into three categories.

  • Low: general health, balance, relaxation, focus
  • Medium: restlessness, headaches, recovery
  • High: muscle soreness, irritations, joint discomfort, demanding relief, or other tenderness

Our calculator asks for your goals as defined by three general categories.


Potency is the strength of CBD in a product. CBD is measured by milligrams (mg). CBD gummy potencies vary widely depending on the brand, but will typically range from 10mg to 30mg in CBD. 

For beginners, you may have no idea what potency is right for you. That’s okay, no matter what potency choice you end up with, our calculator will adjust accordingly to how many times per day to take your dose.

Beginner Q&A

For The Best CBD Gummies Dosage

How Fast Do CBD Gummies Work?

This is a very common question! We’re glad you asked. The effects of CBD gummies takes patience. If you time it just right, everything will work out.

CBD Oil Is Not Fast Food

Many have gone down the road of CBD gummies dosage disappointment. They take their calculated dosage and expect their results now. CBD is not fast food. Between taking your dose solely beneath the tongue or combined with food, effects may take up to an hour.

Patience Is Key

If you aren’t feeling the effects of CBD right away, be patient. It will take time. Another reason you may not be feeling the effects of CBD is lack of bioavailability. 

If you choose to take CBD gummies on an empty stomach, chances of you feeling its effects are very low. Taking CBD with or after a meal will increase your chances of feeling what you expect to feel.

Types of CBD Gummies?

There are two types of CBD gummies.

  • Full spectrum CBD gummies
  • Broad spectrum CBD oil gummies

What is that supposed to mean?! The sole difference between these two gummies is THC content. Full spectrum CBD gummies contains that legal, non-harmful 0.3% THC level. Broad spectrum does not contain THC that is detectable, sometimes called THC-ND. This means there is a non-detectable THC level. Beginners find broad spectrum more comforting because less than 0.0% THC content will be included. 

Hōlus takes pride in highly esteemed third party testing standards. We test THC levels multiple times during our process. Our clean and green extraction techniques create quality broad spectrum and full spectrum oils for our customers peace of mind. Risks of cross contamination using our COsystem is the lowest ever in the industry. Our Ph.D. separation chemists have full control over quality control. 

Learn more about our process

When Should I Take My CBD Gummies Dosage For Sleep?

Sleep is one reason why many try CBD. If you are one to struggle with falling asleep or staying asleep, CBD gummies can make a life changing improvement in your sleep life. 

When we digest CBD, it take times for our bodies to benefits from it. It breaks down slowly and then travels to our liver. Our endocannabinoid system is greatly involved in our sleep and CBD indirectly influences this important system. It can take up to an hour for us to full experience our CBD gummies dosage. Eating your gummy with food is a way to increase our bodies response to CBD.

What Are CBD Gummies?

You might be on the CBD train, but what does it mean for gummies to be CBD infused? Are they coated? dipped? brushed? what are they? CBD gummies are gummies infused with the specific promised amount of CBD during the creation process. To merely coat would not be enough, which is why CBD is infused.

What Is The Start Low And Slow Method?

It can be very tempting to eat too many CBD gummies because you don’t “feel” anything. Do not fall into this trap. It can take up to an hour for our bodies to digest CBD gummies.

What Time Should I Take My CBD Gummies Dosage?

When you decide to take your CBD gummies dosage is completely up to you. What you really need to know is that CBD take about an hour to digest and can last up to four hours. With that knowledge you can space out the number of gummies you take a day.

How Can I Increase My Biovailability?

Check For These CBD Gummies Ingredients

One way to increase your bioavailability is by checking your products ingredients, specifically what carrier oils are included. Carrier oils are one way CBD can be absorbed faster. It’s like CBD needs a piggy back ride, and carrier oils are happy to help! Alone, cannabidiol oil has very limited entrance because it is not easily absorbed. There are two popular carrier oils that you should look for when purchasing gummies.

  • Coconut Oil (MCT Oil)
  • Olive oil (Virgin)

Hōlus formulates everything from edibles to tinctures using MCT oil. Coconut oil is known for the high level of absorption it has with our bodies because it consists of medium-chain triglycerides or MCT’s. MCT is a short chain fatty acid that our bodies can use right away. Long chain fatty acids must be broken down before our bodies can utilize them.

Not only does MCT oil increase how much oil our bodies use, but it is also extremely healthy. Coconut oil is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, high in vitamin E, a preservative, and also weight loss encouraging. Virgin olive oil is another carrier oil option. 

Eat CBD Gummies With Food

Each one of us has an endocannabinoid system within our central nervous system. Throughout this system we have cannabinoid receptors that help maintain quite a bit of our bodies functions such as our sleep cycle, pain levels, and most importantly, our homeostasis or resting state.

Swallowing CBD takes the oil through your digestive system where it must be broken down and then absorbed into the liver. It is best to digest CBD with food to increase your bioavailability.

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