Can You Take CBD Oil On A Plane?

Nov 9, 2020


What Does TSA Have To Say About ‘Can You Take CBD Oil On A Plane?’

CBD is in a never ending legal battle between states, jurisdictions, and consumers. Despite the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, which made the hemp plant with special regulations legal once again, questions on getting pulled over or missing flights are still a concern. Can you take CBD oil on a plane?

Flying with CBD ultimately lands on TSA officers on duty according to TSA’s website. Security screening is part of their Transportation Security Mission, which involves screening carry-on bags for potential threats such as explosives and other life-threatening devices, not necessarily drugs, legal or illegal. If an officer finds illegal substances during screening, of which CBD is neither a drug nor illegal, they will refer the matter to law enforcement. Flying with CBD depends mainly on the TSA officers.

Ultimately, all TSA truly cares about is our safety and monitoring CBD isn’t a high priority

So Can You Take CBD Oil On a Plane?

Yes, CBD derived from hemp is generally admitted on flights. You can take CBD oil a plane. The Transportation Security Administration sort of leaves travelers in the dark on this question. It nearly always goes on a case by case basis. Again, CBD is legal by the U.S. federal government and safe according to the World Health Organization. These are hardly the criteria TSA officers will be concerned with! It is safe to say you can take CBD oil on a plane (uh-hem! within the United States).

Can You Take CBD Oil On A Plane Outside the United States?

It is likely you will be able to fly with your CBD within the United States, unless of course its larger than 3.4 ounces or 100ml, which is the Liquid Rule according to TSA for all carry-on bags. But what if I’m traveling outside the United States? Can i take CBD oil on a plane outside the United States?

International rules regarding hemp and CBD obsession varies widely between countries. Only in the past three years did the United States remove the safe hemp plant from their list of regulated substances making it totally legal to farm and sell. Canada and other countries have uniquely specific laws regarding the topic. The UK for example has a 0.2% THC limit on all CBD products made in the UK. Chances are you may be able to travel to your destination with CBD, but you may not come back with it! It is best to do a little research and planning on the country you plan to visit before you fly with CBD. 

You may be able to travel with CBD to your destination, but it may not come back with you

can you take cbd oil on a plane?

Is CBD Risky To Fly With?

While federal law and its position toward CBD is very clear, disputes continue between the Federal Drug Administration, The World Health Organization, and the United States Department of Agriculture, along with colleges, airports, and a plethora of other institutions. 

Dallas in recent years has been a hub for potential “drug offenses”. In late May 2019, a 71 year old Lena Burtula was detained in Dallas Fortworth International Airport on her way to visit her granddaughter in Oregon for being found with CBD oil in her carry-on. At the time customs officials stated that guidelines and rules in the state of Texas had not been implemented and until then, any detected amount of THC could be confiscated. 

The Texas Legislature has since then set up a federally approved hemp program for Texas farmers to grow, manufacture, and otherwise process industrial hemp. It also expanded consumer protections on purchasing hemp-derived CBD oil and CBD products that contain 0.3% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) or less. 

Some 47 states have enacted hemp programs.  It is relatively safe to say that CBD is less risky to travel with than in 2019 because of established hemp programs. CBD has become an essential travel companion for many for relieving stress and other travel demands and the risk is significantly lower.

Since more states have established true hemp programs, is is less risky to fly with CBD

Let’s Travel With CBD 🛫

CBD is a travel comforting must-have for many. Its gained popularity among adventure-loving and business-related travelers. If you do choose to take CBD with you to an airport, here are some tips.

Have Your COA With

Like we said before, TSA isn’t really gonna bother about items other than those that pose as a potential threat. They aren’t drug busters, but may ask for more information on your CBD product (like THC content) in rare cases. Having an on hand COA can be helpful in this situation. 

What Is A COA?

COA stands for a certificate of analysis. This is a product’s seal of purity, quality assurance, and authenticity. Avoid products that do not provide these certificates. Have it ready in paper form nearby or available on your phone if questioned. Reading labels carefully and double-checking a product’s COA will give you a sound mind that your purchase is safe for travel. 

Learn How To Read A Certificate of Analysis

Take CBD After Screening

Discretion should be practiced prior to screening. We recommend taking CBD after screening. There is no reason to be nervous, but it is recommended that you wait till after customs. 

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