About Us

Our roots are found in the great state of Wisconsin. Cheese isn’t the only thing we here in Wisconsin are admired for, but our prestigious line of CBD. Hōlus was developed by a 10-year industry leader in botanical extraction equipment and separation chemistry. Given our strong scientific background and foundation, we are able to share our passion for CBD wellness with the world.

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Our Mission

Is Simple

We are committed to create naturally derived, and scientifically sound products people will love. 


Organic Options

Organic is a choice. To meet the needs or our organic choice customers, we align many of our products with the USDA organic standards. While many companies claim to be “organic”, there is no guess work or doubt with our organic product line. We have the seal! This is an accomplishment worth noting as few CBD companies can openly advertise certain products as 100% organic without unintentionally being misleading. We are happy to provide our organic choice customers with such assurance.

Our Process

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Pure wellness begins with high quality, nutrient-rich, organic hemp. At hōlus, we proudly partner with hemp farmers from across the United States and develop strong relationships that value their time intensive work. 

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 In addition to collaboration on the grow season, we also provide proprietary harvesting tools that allow farmers to bring their harvest to processing faster, and best capture all of the nutrients of the precious hemp flower bud.

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We are proud to use industry leading extraktLAB supercritical CO2 extractors, which allows us to achieve consistent purity. Our facility is able to process 10 tons of biomass per day, with onsite PhD separation chemists, for full control over the quality of our oil.

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We third party test and we do it multiple times throughout the process. Our process has the lowest cross contamination likelihood and still our standard is test till its right. Our products are void of any pesticides, residuals, or chemicals.

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Every step in our CBD product line’s journey keeps the customer in mind. As we finish the magic and science behind your order, we come to packaging. We package with consistency and care. Our behind the scenes packaging team will never let you down.

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As a vertically integrated company, we are able to internally manage all product shipping. As much as we wish we could ship to other countries, we ship with excellence in the United States only. 

What Makes Us Different

What Is CO2 extraction?

CO2 extraction is the most efficient, cost effective, and cleanest method of hemp and botanical extraction.

Why is CO2 the best?

Unlike other processes like ethanol or hydrocarbon extraction, CO2 drastically reduces carbon emissions.

Why CO2 extraction is the safest

When it comes to CO2, it is king for nearly zero possibilities for chemical denatured contamination

Our Environmental Focus

Here at hōlus, we are experts when it environmental friendly processes. We use “Clean and Green” CO2 extraction and wish to make it clear that our process is both the most scientifically sound and most eco friendly extraction method. You make the earth a better place by choosing a company focused on the good of the environment.

Are all hōlus products CO2 based?

Yes! We believe in the science behind our products. All of our products are eco friendly and sustainably made.

Our First Became Our Best

Our CBD roll on was one of our first products to enter the CBD market and it has become our number one best selling product!

fast relief

Fast Relief

Infused with 400mg CBD and powerful pain relieving ingredients, our roll on made for fast relief.


sport recovery

Sports Recovery

From skiing to track, our roll on has been an athlete’s source for fast recovery.

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A Resource For Women

Our roll on is not only for the athletes, but is also an aid for cramps and other discomforts for women.

muscle support

Muscle Support

Roll with ease over areas your body needs it most. Our roll on is a perfect asset when it comes to muscle and joint support.

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