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Why hōlus

Sustainable: hōlus uses eco-friendly and non-toxic ingredients sourced from responsibly managed farms and are processed sustainably. Every product is not only amazing for you but amazing for our planet.

Natural: hōlus sources extracts directly from plants and are never artificially developed in a lab to provide an authentic and natural experience.

Organic: hōlus uses only the finest plant materials sourced from trusted farmers employing natural fertilization and environmentally friendly pest control methods. We are committed to preserving the planet by working with our like-minded partners.

Bioavailable: hōlus products are designed for optimum bioavailability using ingredients such as menthol and MCT oil, improving your holistic experience by increasing the absorption of the extracts.

State of the Art Facility with onsite natural botanical extraction and encapsulation. Only the most pure natural products are produced and tested at our site.


Our dietary supplement & OTC products are manufactured under cGMP conditions, ensuring consistency in content, quality, and characteristic for every product.

Organic is a Choice

While many companies claim to have “natural” and  “organic” products, there is no guess work or doubt with our certified organic products.

You will find our certified organic products with the USDA organic seal.

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